To commemorate Michael Jordan’s induction into the Hall of Fame, Gatorade sat down for 16 hours to design this insane “Gatorade” mirage of Michael Jordan dunking. The artwork was put together at an undisclosed location, while using 14,641 Gatorade bottles. If you want to grab some limited edition Michael Jordan Gatorade bottles, you have to wait till Fall. Check after the jump for the behind the scenes footage.

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  1. Very cool. 6 for every championship. It would of been cool if they also had a promotion where underneath the cap it would tell you if you win like a pair of Jordan's.

  2. i live in san jose and i went to wal mart one day trying to get some gatorades and i happen to get two of these limited edition gatorades. not gonna lie the blue one (championship blue berry cherry blend) tasted like shit!!! it had a bitter after taste. but i grabbed two so I'll just keep the other one

  3. they should make it so that u could win an autograph or a pair of shoes or something like that…..kinda like the movie charley and thaa chocolate factory with thaa gold tickets people should be able to win a pair of shoes or something like that…that would be pretty tight

  4. What up dudes I'm the best blogger ever. Any one see the notey dame game vises mitigan it was awesooooom.!? Over time crazy !!!!!!!'n my Best dude jimmy he off the chain $$$$