Marshalls Air Jordan 1 Fragment

Breaking headlines, the popular Fragment x Air Jordan 1 found it’s way to select Marshalls. The craziest part of it all? They were on sale for $60.

A lot of people wondered why this happened and if they were fake or even B-Grades. Clearing the air today, Complex spoke with an ex-associate of Marshalls by the name of Kwabena Richard Leibel.

Below is an excerpt of the interview, but for further reading, check out the story by clicking here.

How does Marshalls get the sneakers?

Nike presents Marshalls or TJ Maxx with an Excel spreadsheet that has different tabs depending on the category: Retro Basketball or Running. The tab will tell you what the description and style number of the shoe is, what sizes are available, what the retail was, and what price they’re offering it for. Marshalls is on the hunt for labels, they don’t care what the product is. They just know that they’re buying Nike and can fit it into their buy plan for the current season.

How did the Fragment x Air Jordan 1s end up in a Marshalls?

If I had to guess, it was probably a late shipment. They’re not B grades. They’re not fakes. It’s all A-grade stuff. It’s all made to sell in stores. It was either a late shipment or a lost container that they found later on. A store might not have been up to pick up their order. Stores have to pay for the sneakers within 30 days of getting them. If something’s past due, their order might still be in the warehouse, and it becomes part of the bulk buy from Marshalls.

Marshalls Air Jordan 1 Fragment

Marshalls Air Jordan 1 Fragment

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