Lupe Fiasco x Converse Chuck Taylor High Product [RED]

Product [RED] as well as Converse always go hand in hand with teaming up with celebrities and influential people of our time. This time around, Lupe Fiasco joins Product [RED] to produce a nice Converse release. Highlighted on the Chuck Taylor Highs, is the use of Black Patent leather to accompany Red accents. There is no word on release yet, but stay posted. Via Complex.

Lupe Fiasco x Converse Chuck Taylor High Product [RED]
Lupe Fiasco x Converse Chuck Taylor High Product [RED]
Lupe Fiasco x Converse Chuck Taylor High Product [RED]


  1. man… i'm a huge Lupe fan… but i was hopin da homey step onto the shoe stage wit a better brand of kicks… I'd be down if he came wit some Maharashi sandals or some nike SBs… but this is ridiculous..

    lupe… do like ya fellow chi-town mate, and get down wit air force ones and classic air jordan retros…

  2. Yo Chuck,

    You gotta release these jumpoffs! They are straight fire!!! I'm not even a huge converse fan, but I would buy multiples of these like my man Nicekicks said. So please hook us up and get yourself back in the limelight of the sneaker world again….

  3. these are soooooo sick, i like chucks but wasnt plan on coppin. if these are not limited and stay under a 100$ b4 taxes id cop for sure.

  4. Lupe dosent have one slummin verse… all yall hatas out there are trippin, the only rapper that can do what he does with consistancy. Wayne???? lol… Im on like the television….lol Lupe has a converse shoe a pair of Chuck Taylor at that… the most classic shoe ever, second to the foamposites… don't hate on them… he's doin what he does… the kicks are like that, and everybody's gonna cop them!!


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