Kanye West x Louis Vuitton

Kanye West, or Martin Louis The King Jr. (the nickname he declared he wants to be now called since he dropped Kon the Louis Vuitton Don), has been in the sneaker news world quite frequently in the past year. From the shoes he wears to the shoes he creates, Kanye has always created some buzz.

Right now we have some further info and pictures on the line of Louis Vuitton sneakers that are set to come out sometime in June 2009. For the low top edition, called the Don Low, we’ve already seen detailed pictures of the all red colorway and now we see another more detailed picture of the all black colorway and the brown / beige / pink / white colorway. For the high top edition we get some more pictures of both the all white and all black colorways as well as the off-white / brown / pink colorway. Both models of the shoes come with an extended backside, presumably to tuck the ends of your pant legs in, and tassel ends for the shoe laces. The only obvious difference between the high and low tops are the straps that are only on the high tops.

No price has yet been set on these, but they will definitely be high due to the Louis Vuitton name.


Louis Vuttion x Kanye West

Louis Vuttion x Kanye West 4

Louis Vuttion x Kanye West 5

Louis Vuttion x Kanye West 6

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  1. wanna be yeezy's althought yeezy's are hyped up to much they are better then these ; these just plain out suck ….

    hip hop lives on


  2. The Hightops are hard. (Love that extra strap and ankle support) low tops are a little suspect. Hope them new loafers don't hurt my pockets kanye

  3. im on the a-1 list for all these colors a must have all these are for dons only and dons got gwap!! wavey season!!!!

  4. You know what…… I like them. They have a uniqueness tgo them. I will see if I can buy at least 1 pair come on Louis! Dont break our wallets we are in a ressesion man! How about like a 40% discount for the first 100 pairs to sell. That would be great! for sales and hype.

  5. the all black pair is fly as hell…just imagine them on your feet with some skinny jeans on…kanye is a genius! the air yeezy's are fly as hell too!

  6. Kanye = musical genius. Kanye = fashion trendsetter. This shoe = Sucks A**.

    maybe I been here too long (35yrs) but I do have some sense of style

    I like most of the stuff YE wear even that xtra tight stuff looks fly on

    him but I wouldn't pay a dollar for ten pairs, and you couldn't pay

    me to wear one. Sorry LVD "they suck, they no good".