kanye west louis vuitton sneakers

Who said magenta and grey doesn’t go together?  These are the first leaked images of a new Kanye West Louis Vuitton collaboration.  Here we can see the loosely adjusted velcro straps, and the padded heel tug in use.  The first glimpses of the leather tassels can also be seen as the Louis Vuitton Don dances the night away. Via KanyeWest, Revolve.

kanye west louis vuitton sneakers


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  1. not that hot but they are surprisingly clean looking, better than i expected. but of course they will be outrageous expensive and copped only by hypebeast looking for attention

  2. Horrible shoes, I won't walk with them even if someone pays me… Kanye's got style, that's obvious, but c'mon… this is horrbile! And it's gonna be way overpriced, since it's kanye's design and Louis Vuitton and all… Blah#$!@

  3. straight up these are wack right along with all the other louis he pulling out…he hyping these up more than the jezzy…maybe cuz he going to get money off of these…

  4. These are aight, not fire, not garbage, but are going to be horridly overpriced. I'd rather take that money and cop some American Cups (Pradas). Colorway is not dope, and do these glow in the DARK? Who can take glow in the dark shoes seriously aside from the Dunks?

  5. Look like maxi pad strapps…not on my feet. He still has to exercise his design skills or his ability to say to some ideas. Let me know if they sell.

  6. what in gods name of all that is dirty Hipster…..are these!? jesus christ these suck almost as hard as hipsters do

  7. i like um. clean but have a nice solid color on the sole. i wonder how they would look if they had the same toe as the low top seeing as the extra piece of material isnt there

  8. Once again… I like the model. But this colorway is crap! Grey with Hot Pink soles??…

    Im not down with that. A nice model shoe but Someone ruined it with those colors. And I know they will be too much money with Louis V. So not a good combination.