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Li-Ning Way of Wade Encore ‘Grey/Black-Green’


Could this be our first look at a new Way of Wade Encore PE?

What’s completely contrary to Miami Heat team colors, Dywane Wade was spotted yesterday at a team shoot-around wearing a new colorway which reveals grey, black, and green accents. As his signature shoe collection with Li-Ning has been a hot topic all season, what are your first impressions of this mock up? We’re certainly curious about the significance of the green color-blocking. As it’s unofficial as to whether of not Wade will wear these kicks tonight during the NBA Finals’ Game 7, you can add that curiosity to the dozens of others that have been on everyone’s mind since the Game 6 shocker.

Speaking of Game 7, who do you have taking it all tonight? Will the Spurs take home the trophy and upset the Heat at home, or will LeBron and company accomplish what the media has been predicting since Day 1? Quite honestly, it’s anyone’s game tonight. May the best team win.

Sidenote, check out Miami Heat head basketball coach Erik Spolstra in the Air Jordan IV (4) “Fire Red”! Who would’ve thought…

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