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LA Gear Lights Return for Holiday 2009

Some 18 years ago the LA Gear brand began a campaign that would not soon be forgotten. And for those of you who happen to have just started to forget, or for those of you who are young and oblivious enough to not know, SneakerFiles now brings you word of LA Gear’s intentions to smack us across the face (or, well, feet) with the reminder of a lifetime. The LA Gear Lights was the single most popular silhouette that LA Gear had to offer us, and it returns this holiday season in at least seven colorways.

Although not officially scheduled to release until December 12th, Sportie LA will make available a limited number of pairs via their online website at 11:59pm on Thanksgiving night, November 26, 2009. This should curb a lot of people’s appetites who are impatiently waiting to get the ball rolling on Black Friday shopping AND allow you enough time to go visit the other shops you’ve been eyeing all along. Just in time for the holiday season, this historical shoe in sneaker culture comes back and offers you a way of lighting up your own path and brightening up the place wherever it is you might be headed. Who’s excited to get another crack at once again (or for the first time) owning a pair of the LA Gear Lights that were such a big part of the childhood of so many of us?

Via SoleCollector.

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