Jordan Six Rings GSThe Jordan Six Rings are hitting retailers this month in a very popular colorway.

These GS ‘Aqua’ Six Rings are very appealing and would have sold very well if made in both Men and GS sizes.

These sport a black nubuck and patent leather upper. Purple and ‘aqua’ are seen throughout the design and really make the shoe look great. As stated before, they will be hitting retailers this month. If you can’t wait to grab a pair click HERE.

Would you cop if in men’s sizes or would you rather keep these for petit feet?

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  1. @jstrizzo…word me too…..but farill jb,yall needa stop wit da sh!+ yall always do this….i hope da rumors bout da playoff retro 13s comin out only in kids sizes aint tru cuz ima snap

  2. Dude i would def cop u guys are teasing us giving the coldest colors to the kids why not release em in all sizes!!

  3. if these came out in mans sizes i would definetly cop a pair!!! yea man give da dudes some love screw da kids!!!