Jordan Melo M6 - Winter 2009 Preview

Denver Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony will be wearing his sixth Jordan Brand signature shoe during the 2009-10 season, the Jordan MELO M6. The shoe takes a different approach than past MELO models, placing emphasis on lightweight construction, ventilation, and bulletproof ankle support. The M6 also features an exaggerated tongue and what looks to be a Air Jordan II (2) toe. The MELO M6 looks to be available in white/black/red, white/black, white/varsity red, white/navy blue, and white/University Blue and will likely be available by the Holiday season.

Jordan Melo M6 - Winter 2009 Preview

Jordan Melo M6 - Winter 2009 Preview

Jordan Melo M6 - Winter 2009 Preview

Jordan Melo M6 - Winter 2009 Preview

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  1. Looks like adidas and Nike finally completed their merger. These look like the Nike T-Mac Mid. They're like a 6.5 or 7 on scale to 10; I bet some black ones would be ill.

  2. hello ol school 2 part 2…BOOOORRRRIIINNGGG…not bad looking but they could DEFINITLEY be more creative

  3. These do look a lot better than the sketch, but they still could be better and I agree they do look a little like the Ol Skool.

  4. Man these are crap!! They cant even design a decent pair of shoes for Melo… they need a new designer at Jordan studio. Poor melo…

  5. What…the…fuck. Are you kidding me? Melo god damn it take over. This would be a nice shoe to "wear with jeans" if your copying lebrons six but this is not a basketball shoe. Its 2009 make them look more futuristic or something?! This is what i would call a really really old school lookin shoe…melo 6- aka the jordan shoe for the elderly lol

  6. I really cannot explain how i feel about these. All i know is the black and white ones look the best.

  7. these are nice not too bad they remind me of the seventeens a nice plain simple shoe definite cop I hope they come out with a syracuse color for these they will probably be hot.

    Hopefully these are the shoes melo wears when he wins an MVP trophy.

  8. Damn. Mike.Tinker. are whoever tha fuck… yall disapointed me man.I been waiting on tha ''M6''. Now yall wanna drop this bullshit. Say, I got a few sketches that will help yall out. Get at me. Deuces.

  9. i got a pair and honestly they are the best melo's i have ever worn for basketball, really light and great ankle support…

  10. looks like nike shox spotlight.. but it looks good, i saw the review, looks good and i think it'll fit for me, early x-mas gift for my self! ^_^