Little by little the House of Hoops is expanding across the nation with their two most recent locations including Los Angeles and Chicago. The Chicago House of Hoops opened their doors not too long ago and have already seen a few exclusive models including this Jordan Jumpman Team Pro Player Exclusive (PE) for Ray “Sugar Ray” Allen.

The Jordan Jumpman Team Pro consists of “Sugar Ray” written at the back heel and features Allen’s team colors. Black makes up most of the sneaker while green is found on the sole,  Jumpman logo, tongue and “Sugar Ray” embroidery. Lastly, this model is constructed out of non-patent leather, as opposed to the Joe Johnson Jordan Jumpman Team Pro Player Exclusive (PE) seen earlier. Stay posted for more details, but again expect to see the two Player Exclusives only at the Chicago House of Hoops. Big ups to andypark713 for some of the pictures.


  1. I don't normally like teams but these are nice.

  2. This shit goes hard son

  3. oso fresh says:

    who wears a size 9 cuz i got them and the joe johnson…holla at your boy if u like

  4. is it me or does anybody else notice that Ray Allen gets the nicest, cleanest lookin jordans?

  5. Air 23 Air Jordans says:

    Wow, those are beautiful. As usual, Ray Allen always has the nicest PEs.

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  6. RepTheYay says:

    Oso Fresh….how much for the Sugar Ray's?

  7. imdatruth says:

    jordan team jumpman pro were supposed to drop on the 1 of november where are they?

  8. Man this shoe is one of my all-time favorites. I had the Black/white/blue joints back in the day and LOVED them.

  9. says:

    UGLY! Sugar Ray, your game is sweeter than this. Can't stand this shoe, and its even worse in these colors.

  10. oSo fresh says:


    make me an offer i cant refuse… let me remind u only 36 pairs wur releasd

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