Jordan iD on Team Models Only 2008

Earlier this year rumors went around about Jordan Brand releasing a special iD section. This has brought much grief, thinking people can make multi colored Jordan XI, but that will not happen. High sources have stated Jordan Brand will release certain Team Models available to customize on the iD platform.

This will allow some of the great Team Jordans that released (and new ones) to customize, matching your School colors or picking your favorite colors. The Team Jordan iD will happen in 2008 but people have said in the Spring, and others in the Fall. Stay tuned for more information.


  1. Who would actually think you would be able to customize the XI's or any other retro? Jordan Brand would never do that.

  2. The Jumpman Pros were my favorite team Js ever. Hope those bitches are on there because I'd cop 3 pair for real.

  3. Yea dat would be sikk if you could customize retros I would copp some jordan Xs. But yea that would never happen!!!!!

  4. Mad hot if we can custom some retros… too bad its not possible to do that besides coloring your own kicks


  5. Well, it's a little more than a rumour, since high sources have confirmed the rumour, plus there's a rough time-frame for the release.

    I'm just wondering will they be sold through or on the site?

  6. This is a good idea and, i'm so glad they decided not to do the actual AJ's and just do the Team J's. I just hope they do the right ones. Not all the Team J's have been all that hot. Matter of fact, the only ones that really got the kind of love that the AJ's got, were the first few(the Pro, the ones that KG rocked, the Pro Quick, and the ones EJ rocked back when he was in Miami the first time. I can't remember the name of those). All the rest, personally, were straight trash. Can you imagine how many ugly ass AJ's would be in the streets if JB allowed you to custom your own AJ's. Sticking to the Team line is the right thing to do because, you'd ruin the JB by giving people the opportunity to create custom colorways. It think it better to let the AJ's stick to the limited editions, LS's, quickstrikes, and PE's. That's what them unique and, ORIGINAL. Can't wait for the drop of the first line-up of Team J's to be customed. Hopefully they'll drop the right ones. I can only give the idea 2 **'s and a 1/2 out of 5 because I don't know which Team J's are in the line-up for customization. I hope, with the drop i'll be able to give them a higher score.

  7. I really hope they'll have either the Jumpman All-Star, the Team Jordan Swift 6(Eddie Jones' shoe), the Jumpman Trifecta and the Jumpman Team flow(Gary Payton's shoe when he was with the Lakers), I think it's very smart they're sticking to the Team Jordan line, because they should keep the regular AJ's exclusive.

    It's like what Nick said:"That's like saying'I want to make my own fakes'"


  8. if i really think about it i think all the original ones are perfect the way they are (accept for the ceramic 7's and army color 9's….and the olive green 5's?) ….thank god someone up there at JB thought about team jordans …..if it was normal jordans like the iii, xiii, x, viii….they would just lose meaning

  9. i hope you cant customize retros… thatd be wack n u all know it.. everyone be walkin round with a buncha real jays that look like str8 up fakes foreal

  10. Yea the team j's are cool but if they do retros because they wouldnt be as special…jordan retros are at the top of all shoes and that would ruin them…stick wit the teams


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