Jordan Hydro 4 Sandal

With Summer right around the corner, Jordan Brand releases their Jordan Hydro 4 Sandal just in time for the long Summer days. The sandal is introduced in Black, Metallic Silver, White, and Varsity Red.

A classic color-way often used on many of the previous Air Jordans. In addition, the sandals have been designed to feel very comfortable and durable, which lives up to the Air Jordan standard. The Jordan Hydro 4 Sandal is now available at select Jordan and Nike retailers and LTD Online.

Jordan Hydro 4 Sandal

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  1. sandals like these usually feel uncomfortable bare footed. but who knows what the quality is like until you touch them. hopefully they are filled with gel and not air. although it looks good, thats just 1/3 of the purpose.

  2. I would like to give these a shot one day. Plan on going to the pool this summer (to work out in the pool) and it would be nice to have them.

    But why do slippers like these cost friggin 40 bucks? lol

  3. They cost what they cost because of the brand. I thought everybody knows that they pay extra from a certain name.

  4. they are alright.

    but honestly, the jordan brand comes out with too much for us too afford.

    and honestly, these are priced much higher than their value.

  5. i have the red?white and the Blue/white 1's. there comin out with the green/white and yellow/balsck 1's by summer!!! there ok 2 wear when ur jus vibin

  6. Ppl who claim dat dey dnt lik em..

    Wy r u on hea

    I already got the

    Red n White;White 3's;White4's;Blue n White 3's

  7. there not to expensive to afford and they dont come out with them to often i have every pair of slippers and shoes they cuz i buy them the same day they come out!