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Tag: Air Jordan Sandals

Hare Jordan Hydro 7 Sandals

Hare Jordan Hydro 7 Sandals

Summer is right around the corner and even now depending on where you reside, it's starting to heat up. With Jordan Brand connecting...

Jordan Hydro 4 Sandal

With Summer right around the corner, Jordan Brand releases their Jordan Hydro 4 Sandal just in time for the long Summer days. The sandal...

Air Jordan Hydro III Do the Right Thing

Out of all the Air Jordan Sandals to release in the past, my personal favorite is the Hydro III. Here we have a...

Air Jordan 2007 Team/Melo/Sandal Preview

So far, the main focus in 2007 is the famous Air Jordan III and V, but not a lot of pictures and information on...