Jordan Future Volt First Look

After unveiling the brand new Jordan Future silhouette, it looks like the folks over at Jordan Brand have created a fresh new colorway. Sporting a tonal volt approach about its upper, a touch of white appears about the midsole. With the very first installment of the Jordan Future set to arrive March 1st for $185, we think it’s safe to assume that these will arrive not too long after. Check out another look after the jump and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Jordan Future Volt First Look

Photos via NT


  1. XD Obviously, not the “Future”. Jordan brand future is makin’ $$$$$$$$ even if takes to design horrible sneakers to still make $$$$$$$$$……….

  2. These shits are body guard hard. Im gonna buy every pair that releases. Yall stay sleepin more pairs for me.

  3. J.e. Lew these cant be compared to the 11, these are its own shoe. And im no expert but I do think its called patent leather, I never heard of patten leather.

  4. I enjoy roshe runs because they are super comfortable and the 11 is an icon…and the sole on the jordan 11 is basically the grail when it comes to design and function for a basketball shoe.. with the recent explosion of people wanting lightweight shoes like the roshe run it only makes sense that jordan brand would release a shoe to appeal to that demographic of shoe buyer..i think its a great hybrid shoe and i will buy it for sure!

  5. And half of y’all can’t talk re buying the same fuckin shoe that been retroed like 90 times

  6. Ill just buy these on the clearence rack like two months after the realese cus they aint guna sell


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