Jordan Fly Wade "South Beach"
Of course, no one will ever forget when Lebron declared his intentions to take “his talents to South Beach.” A bunch of ensuing turmoil eventually led to the success that the Miami Heat are experiencing right now. Nike helped commemorate Lebron’s move to Miami with the Nike Air Max Lebron 8 “South Beach.” Now that Dwyane Wade has his own signature sneaker under Jordan Brand, he too is getting “South Beach” treatment. Pictured here is the Jordan Fly Wade “South Beach” in a black/pink flash-filament green colorway that could very well sell a lot of sneakerheads who were on the fence when it came to the Jordan Fly Wade. Stay tuned for developing release information as it comes in.

Jordan Fly Wade "South Beach"
Jordan Fly Wade "South Beach"
Jordan Fly Wade "South Beach"

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  1. Nope first time I have ever seen five colors on a shoe that did not go. Lebron’s south beaches were the best color scheme. Sorry JB you FAIL!

  2. Sorry JB, NOT this time. You goofed.
    I must agree with Sneakergeek that the colorways are far cry from Lebron’s South Beach.

  3. they messin wit wade they shoulda let him represent jordan on the floor and wear the signature aj2011 n keep that going

  4. I wish all these others shoes would stop trying to compete with the Lebron South Beach shoes and just let them be the classic shoe alone that they are.

  5. i saw the first pic of just the bottoms and i was like, “ohhhh craaaap!” then i saw the pic of the whole shoe and i was like, “awwwe crap….” JB failed….. (once again)

  6. Shiiiiid I’m getting em. If its not a limited release only to Miami. Pink laces gotta go though. Lol