Jordan Campus Chukka - A Closer Look

With its premium black suede upper and prominent midsole, the Jordan Campus Chukka is an unsurpassed option for the subdued environment outside the cage. The vulcanized hightop espouses a sense of luxury that’s analogous to Michael Jordan’s love of clean, premium product. The shoe features a rubberized herringbone outsole and an “Established in 1985” logo on the heel. The Jordan Campus Chukka in black suede is limited to 200 pairs and will be available this weekend and Undefeated.

Jordan Campus Chukka - A Closer Look


Jordan Campus Chukka - A Closer Look

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  1. Thank you jaun for you contributing your thoughts on this shoe.


    Anyways. Looks pretty nice. "Closer look" is right. heh.

  2. looks like jordan is now trying to go with the trend of other shoes by having an mostly black shoe with a white sole

    very creative jb