Jordan Brand forgot the Jumpman on some of the Jordan 6 Infrareds

The Air Jordan 6 ‘Infrared’ was one of the bigger releases we have seen in the past couple of months, and to its respect they are classics. But think of this scenario, you get home from wherever you copped and you open the box to check those shoes you may have waited hours for and shoved out $185 for to notice that there is a flaw. We aren’t talking something small like glue stains or maybe an unwanted crease, but the Jumpman on the heel is missing.

Unfortunately this incident actually happened. One of the Jumpman’s placed on the heel wasn’t there. Almost like he said “forget this” and jumped away. But jokes aside this is not cool and more quality control needs to happen. We hope this is a isolated incident but are not sure how many pairs are affected.

Let this me a reminder to you, whenever you buy sneakers from a store or a local meet-up, make sure to inspect the everything on the shoes.