Jordan Brand 2010 Preview

Rumors about an Air Jordan 6 (VI) releasing in 2010 have been floating around for a while, and we now have concrete evidence supporting that and many other claims. Jordan Brand will be releasing a plethora of highly sought after sneakers in ’10, including two styles of the Air Jordan 6, many OG colorways of the Air Jordan Fusion 8 (VIII), and a plethora of new Air Jordan 1 styles. Other key features of this 2010 preview include new colorways of the Air Jordan Spizike, a new high-top model named Classic ’91, a new Team Jordan sneaker dubbed the Jordan Icons, and a city pack of the Air Jordan 16.5. Be sure to check out the many additional pictures after the jump, so you can already start planning how you’ll be spending your money next year. Via UpTempoAir.

Jordan Brand 2010 Preview

Jordan Brand 2010 Preview

Jordan Brand 2010 Preview

Jordan Brand 2010 Preview

Jordan Brand 2010 Preview

Jordan Brand 2010 Preview

Jordan Brand 2010 Preview

Jordan Brand 2010 Preview

Jordan Brand 2010 Preview



  1. The Metallic Silver Ones Will Be Also Copped….Jordan Brand Isz Tryingta Come Back To Pleasing Us Sneakerheads

  2. first!!!! whooo aj doin dem 6s right please doont touch em leave em infrareds and u will save the brand and my life!!!!!!

  3. ^^^ they aint Olympic 6's thr white and black 6's… still fresh tho… and them spizikes are fresh 2… but fusion 8's wtf is that about??? and wtf is that last shoe looks like a 13,20,23 fusion

  4. Wow, Olympic 6s and Black Infrared 6s, it's about time! I just want 1 pair of each. The Jordan 2010 looks interesting, I can't wait to find out the price, maybe $200…!I'm not surprised about Fusions 8s and 1s.  I think all the Jordans will be "fusioned".  Ppl will be all over the 6s, I just hope they don't buy multiple pairs and re-sell on the 'Bay.  Greed is evil, ppl!

  5. Oh great, more 1s, why am I not surprised!

    The 6s are looking mighty good though. I noticed that the price for the Jordan 2010 is still to be determined, we don't even know what it will really look like, but I am gonna guess it will cross the $200 price tag, it just keeps going up! I hope it will look better than the 2009. As far as the Icons and the Classic 91s, who is the knuckehead naming these shoes??? I am so tired of these Icons, Elements, Classic 91s, True Flights, Dub-Zeros, etc.

    The names are not what bothers me, it's when they name the shoe that's all pieced together with some style of other Air Jordans.

    They must really be running out of ideas!

  6. man check out the 2010's they look interesting, i see some resemblance from the aj 20's. but ill definitely will be coppin those infrareds and also some fos spzikes…but forget all da 1's im tired of ones. and wat bout those fuzion 8's..they look fake straight up….man they need to stop wit all those fuzions will they still can…

  7. well its not infared…. seen sample already its like a varisty red and its like all see thru-gel if u guys can remember theres like a line by the bubble (hard to explain) but its really different! blk and white six look alright, but the color sceme looks like the took it off canal street…..

  8. infareds will be a definate 1st overall cop, hopefully i can get enough classics to step out of the jordan game with over 200 pairs of jays its just too many shoes for one person to have.

  9. Those white black VIs are the same colorway Warren Sapp balled in for the Raiders. I hope the black part is seude.

    www "dot" media "dot" photobucket"dot"com/image/warren%20sapp%20jordans/escrima86/warrensappJays "dot" jpg

  10. maybe I shoulda used this one cuz it seems like SF is sweatin me.

    www "dot" sneakerfiles "dot" com/2007/05/08/warren-sapp-in-air-jordan-vi-turf/

  11. My bad, those aren't Olympic 6s, I misread it, they're White and Black. Could they be like the Motorsports 6s that I saw in Sole Collector, hmm? And the Black and Red 6s, if they're not the Infrared colorway, no matter… still getting them!

    The Jordan 2010 might catch me by surprise, I noticed that the colorway will be Black, Varsity Red and White, finally a Bred colorway!!!

  12. Bred 6s is a good way to call them. My bad, I meant look "like" the Motorsports 6s, I never said they were the Motorsports!

    Who knows? It might have patent leather, and then we'll know what it'll really look like!

  13. If those 6s are White and Black, that colorway is new, it had never been retroed! Sapp wore the same ones with the Raiders?

    Wow, whoever thought of it, that's GOOD KNOWLEDGE.

  14. yo,those 6z r sexxy imma camp out forget tha rest…retail is bout 215 for da infaredz,and 200 for tha sapps!!!!PS:GOT DA HOOK UP IN SIZE 11!!!HIT ME UP!!!!

  15. I'm lovin the VI's and the spizike's bur the 8 fushions need to go.Would it kill jordan brand to put some 11's on deck please

  16. I just don't know what else to say about those Fusions 1 and 8s.

    Jordan will Fusion all the Js, but I just know why they're doing it. They're awful looking and overpriced. I give up already. I guess Jordan is just not listening to the public. They're gonna Fusion all the Js, and whenever I will hear about it, I'll just roll my eyes!


  18. Sorry folks, my bad on calling the Infrared 6s "Infrared", they're called "Deep Infared". I just check my retro box and it indeed says that, if the pics are indeed the Infareds 6s. I am reading the description on the pic, it reads Black/Red, so maybe it's really a Bred, and not Infared, or Deep Infared!

  19. I just checked the retro box on the Infared 6s, it says Black/Deep Infared. I have been calling them "Infrareds" and I have wrong, my bad. This pic says Black/Red, so are these really a Bred colorway then?

  20. Varsity is more like almost dark, slightly. Infared is like… I can't explain it, but Hot Red is almost like Infared…

  21. ^^^ you know, I thought that! The Hot Red makes sense to define the Infared. I knew that Varsity Red is the darker red version. That's GOOD KNOWLEDGE, Six!

  22. Wow man. Bred Spizikes….. dang. bred 6s…… dang. I will be selling a pair of my Yeezys for those. Oh well, gotta do what I gotta do..

  23. Sick lineup but fuck fusion 8s really jst re-release all the retros nd make mad money nd damn spizikes nd olympic 6s nd the infared its goin to be an amazin year baby!!!!!


    8 FUSIONS?!?!?! Y?



  25. I now know what people r talking about the Fire Red SPizike's r sick! as well a the Blk/Infrared/Cmnt Spizike's. I am aslo feeling the VI's even the JOrdan ALpha 1's r looking sick damn JB!.

  26. Can't wait for the 6s and the metallic 1s… the 6s that look like infrareds are the gaterade 6s, and the other ones are a new cw not olympic…

  27. ok coppin both 6's and both spiz'ikes!!! but y in da hell jb still on dis damn fusion shit plz STOP WIT DA DAMN FUSIONS!!!!!!!

  28. lol at krayzie47… the jumpman on the back of those if they were to be retroed would kill the shoe… im gonna get my hands on the '00 infra-reds with the nike air check at the back… great sneaker

  29. Ok, what I wanna know is who started calling the Infrareds "Infrareds"? They're Infareds, after reading some ppl's comments, you all got me calling them Infrareds! Next is, do we really need ,more 1s? Come on Jordan, enough Fusions too, even though I know you're gonna Fusion every Jordan shoe. Just a dumb idea. And lastly, I hope you make the Jordan 2010 a better shoe. The 2009 was a piece of trash, and it's overpriced too. Hope you don't price the 2010 for something like $200 or $225… Jordan Brand, you're losing me as a loyal customer!!!

  30. Im only going for the Air Jordan 6's in both colorways and I might pick up that Air Jordan 1 Cool Grey and thats it . The AJF 8 are an easy pass even tho the VIII is my favorite jordan but it's a fusion and I don't need to cop em because I still got my Air Jordan 8's from '07.

  31. PS I hope they retro the Air Jordan 6 September Blue and Maroons and Air Jordan Retro 7 Bordeaux in 2010 oh yeah and retro the 10's .

  32. 16.5s? ehh. who remembers the 14.5s sketch i thought those were gonna b released n actually thought they were pretty tough

  33. jordan will need a new design shoe for 2010 becuzz the 2k9s suck ass. im not impressed with these photos, hope there is more to come;becuzz im a big fan of his shoes.