Jordan’s Son Refuses to Wear Adidas Shoes

Marcus Jordan, the youngest son of Michael Jordan, is caught in the midst of a sneaker controversy. He’ll suit up this year for the University of Central Florida, who’s got a 6-year, $3 million contract with adidas. He said he would only wear his father’s Air Jordans line. UCF is currently working with adidas on this “unique set of circumstances.” We’ll keep you updated with any new information that surfaces – but, in the meantime, is Marcus in the wrong for refusing to wear The Brand With Three Stripes? Chime in down below!

Jordan’s Son Refuses to Wear Adidas Shoes

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  1. how can u compare air jordan 2 adidas. he should tell his dad to make set of pair just for him nd let da other kidz were the"three stripes" shoes. and y he in ucf……….y he didnt follow his dad to north carolina and win ship?

  2. There seems to be an easy solution to this problem — at least from my perspective.

    Allow Marcus to wear Jordan's, but no logos or brands on the sneakers, period! And they must match his teammates sneakers in color, at home, and on the road.

    As for clothing, which some forget could be another problem (if you want to wear J's so bad, why wouldn't want to wear Jordan Brand clothing), either debadged Adidas or Jordan gear.

    See, wasn't that easy:)

  3. ^^^^

    no it doesnt make sense why should he get special privileges when other players dont. it would cause a problem with the team for catering to him. cause im pretty sure all the players dont wanna wear ADIDAS to hoop in…hes acting like dada jordan will cut his allowance if he wears another brand spoiled fukk…

  4. he a corn ball 4 going to a school representing another brand and then refusing to wear the shoes when he got there like he didnt already know what was up.! man up and where them adidas !.

  5. He's absolutly right, If I was him I wouldnt wear those shoes ether! It's a disrespect to his own father.

  6. same deal with his dad before mike entered the NBA. remember the brand Converse before he signed with Nike? can u imagine if mike sported them Converse?

  7. if hes wearing everything else adidas then it shouldnt rele matter….. anddd his dads michael jordan??? they could probably do something were they put a little adidas logo on the jordans… would prob ruin the j's butt…..

  8. He was told b4 he signed to the skool he would b allowed to wear j's. they should hvae kept their word. besides if it's that big of a deal he could just sharpie over all the jumpmans and tape over the words Jordan or Air or anything rlated to nike. besides isnt the bottom line he play basktball well and serve the team with his bball skills

  9. Agree with A on this one…

    Sure it would be nice to rock J's as especially in his case

    But as a player shouldnt he let his game do the talking and not the sneakers???

    Should look pass the whole J thing – move on and play the game.

    Sure he will rock the Js when he turn pro??????

  10. Easy solution to the problem jordans got all that money to buy the charlotte bobcats and money to invest in his own racing team how about ucf cuts the deal from addidas let jb pay for the termination then jb can sponsor ucf?

    it wouldnt have come to this if ucf woulda jus let marcus wear the j's like they said they would an kept there word.

  11. its fuckin shoes, they shouldnt bench him that would be a bitch move. they want him on the team to play basketball not to wear adidas. idk why they r making a big deal out of this. fuckin bull shit. if he wants to rep let him rep. if not he can get his ass on another team

  12. wow guys, its suprising how many ppl dont really know how this whole market works. ok so the NBA, they are adidas. All nba gear is adidas. HOWEVER terms of their contract gives players the right to wear which ever brand of sneaker they can and same with acccessories. Same goes in college, but their contract INCLUDES sneakers must be adidas as well. its an interesting move on his part. if i was him, i would wear my Js get fined and let adidas deal with UCF.

  13. Tell me what gives him the right to not wear adidas? Because he is the "son" of the great MJ? Sorry but if you refuse to represent Adidas footwear just because you wanna stand out with your daddy's flashy footwear, you're just a selfish idiot. Same goes out to all you materialstic f^^gots that just wanna show off jordan shoes on the court. You as a player is what stands out first and what you bring to the team, not shoes/clothing/material. I think Michael Jordan himself even said that somewhere in the past, ironic.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Jordan footwear MORE than Adidas, but Marcus is just leaving us the impression that he is selfish and just is too materialistic. It's not like he's staying there forever, if he ever gets to the NBA he can then start to wear his father's shoeline whenever he wants. Though I highly doubt he can do what his father had done in the NBA.

  14. Seriously yall? He's on a TEAM. That should be the end of the story. He should wear what his team mates wear. When and IF he makes it to the NBA, then he can ball in Jordan golf shoes if he wants, but while in college he should have to wear what his team mates wear. I don't care if his daddy is Michael Jordan, you earn privileges, you don't just say, "I ain't wearing those cuz my daddy makes these!" How spoiled is this kid.

  15. Nike made it possible for there to even be an AIR JORDAN, and seeing as how Mike isnt playin anymore, you know the money is coming from Nike, the money that is paying for that kid to go to college and play basketball and possibly be a star. The school should shut their mouths and let the kid wear whatever the hell he wants, Im sure they will be getting a nice hand out from MJ!

  16. for those who dont know, ucf told him when they recruited him that he could wear the shoes. so dont think this is him trying to act like he is above the program. they promised him this to get him signed then, they said oh we lied. he is holding his ground and is not just some kid who doesnt care about anyone but himself. this is their problem not his. him being there and jordan showing up will bring them more money then a program like that would see in basketball so they need to honor their word

  17. Spoiled punk. He should have to earn that Jumpman. And ironically, Mike really wanted to sign with adidas, but they never made him an offer. Nike's offer was better than Converse, so that's where he went.

  18. 1st) Fars I know about UCF, they really dont have a contract with Adidas… So Marcus can really do wateva he wants in my opinion…

    2nd)If some1 would wear adidas with an UNC uniform, every1 will raise hell about it…. But wat im tryin 2 say is Marcus is not goin 2 put himself in a situation when he cannot wear his pops shoes… And if u were the CEO/Head Honcho of Jordan will you let ur son where ur products @ all times??? Last time I remember, Adidas is not even allow @ his own house.

  19. last i heard ucf was adidas long before marcus showed up, if the shoes were really an issue he should have walked on @ cal/unc a & t/unc so there would be no conflct

  20. 1. Adidas is paying UCF 6 years, 3 million for the UCF kids to wear Adidas on the court.

    2. Why did is this such a shocker? If UCF recruited MarJ. Wouldn't the first thing they talk about is their contract with Adidas?

    If wearing a certain brand of shoes was important to you, you should have, and the school should have set it straight before he signed with UCF.

    3. MarJ is no where near the caliber player of MJ. If he was, all the powerhouse schools found in the Big12/ACC/BigEast would have recruited him harder.

    If he had a choice to go to Uconn/UCLA/Kentucky/Memphis/Duke/UNC, you think he'd sign with UCF?

    Don't give the kid what he wants. Kid's been getting what he's wanted his whole life and has not earned anything.

    Doesn't JB preach earning everything by working hard in their commercials? LOL Maybe MarJ can EARN HIS STRIPES in UCF.

  21. wack, its gotta be TEAM first and rock the adi's…fool is just starting drama to get attention…he can always wear his j's in the off season…

  22. Meh, It'd be quite interesting if he went with the Adidas since MJ23 was gonna sign with Adidas instead of Nike, and we all know, without Nike, there wouldn't be a JB.

    Soo, if goes with Adidas, and signs later on. I guess it'll kinda be like what would've happened if MJ23 didn't sign with Nike. Hahaha, but anyways.

    He should totally go with Adidas. He should make his own legacy, instead of following his dads.

  23. lol if he want 2 roc jays thats cool but they should make him roc the worst pair of fusions lol people take ur pic wich fusions should he roc n pic some ugly ones lol so many 2 choose from

  24. are u kidding me? y the heck would i wear adidas if my dad was jordan. i would def not wear the 3 stripes. air all the way.

  25. Last time i remembered mostly every athlete JB has signed is a great player and has done something to help their community and Marcus is acting up just wear the adidas your not a superstar and will most likely never be one either just grow up and put on the fycking sneakers your dad doesnt really fucking care cause he played with converse back in college and now Nike owns converse.I mean he's obviously trying to become a 5 star athlete but thats not gonna happen i mean his brother plays for illinois thats good but i would think they would go to UNC or Duke thats to bad they should try harder.

  26. don't give this kid what he wants. he hasn't done anything to prove himself as a player, and i don't see any potential in him. his ego is already big from being jordan's son. let's not make it any bigger by separating him from the team, when he's not that much of a valuable player. it's team first. if he really wants to be separated from his team and wear his own shoe, make it work hard to get into the pros.


  28. Blood is thicker than water. But the TEAM has an agreement with Adidas. Wear them or leave the school.

  29. 1st off he cant play ball he fuckin sucks and if he cant wear addias get the fuck off the team yur wack anyway

  30. so he is supposed to get special treatment because MJ is his daddy. like someone else said, i would bench his a$$. he needs to be taught a lesson. that's not how you get through life.

  31. He should be allowed to wear whatever shoe he wants. that goes for any college player. They should wear what shoes feel more comfortable for them as players. He has played in Js all his life. Forcing him to wear a shoe hes never play is not cool if you ask me.

  32. im a jordan fan (obviously) but comon this kid needs to be benched. he is in no position to be makin demands such as im not gunna where adidas cuz i like jordan (even if his dad is jordan) stop being difficult to work with and be a TEAM PLAYER. if they let him get away with this before u know it theres gunna be another player thats gunna say "i wanna wear nike". the team has a deal with adidas so if u didnt like that switch teams leave

  33. man you lurkers only comment when its about jordan or when you wanna crap out your 2 cents worth of an opinion…

    really, who cares what sneakers he wears or what you feel about it…

    you young cats aint sh*t…

    you dont stand up for nothing but garbage like this…

    lumps of sh*t sitting online allday running your mouth cause yo uknow you cant get fuc*ed up….

  34. Someone should remind him his name is Marcus and not Michael Jeffery. Also this is Central Florida not the NBA. Adidas is giving the college money it probably needs for academics – you know the reason that 99% of the enrollee's at college are there for. Clearly his game is whack otherwise he would be at UNC or Illinois. Tell him to shut up and put the shoes on.

  35. he should get his dad's brand to sponsor the school… otherwise man up and wear the 3 stripes…

  36. and how is it that what you're doing any different from what the others are doing? they asked for comments so, let it go.

    anyways, in my opinion, you dress as a team, play as a team, represent as a team. i don't care if your father is the great michael jordan. the issue is, you're not. grow up, be a man, and quit creating issues because you can't wear daddy's shoes. it's not like you were a great player. wearing jordans isn't going to make you any better.

  37. i think he's got a point. if my father has a shoe that i can get for free, then ima get it. and also, jordans recieve more recognition in basketball than adidas.

  38. well he shouldve applied at UNC or georgetown if he wanted to wear daddys shoes, this goes against adidas marketing campaigns of team first, playing basketball is not about the individual thats the nba, hes hurting his team by requesting special consideration i think it may give a better team moral if he slipped some stripes on saying im doing this for the team

  39. [b]I don't think Marcus is wrong @ all. Adidas should understand and make an exception. [/b]

  40. man lik wtf jus let da whole team wear jordans i mean damm Mj arick ass dude n can afford to buy 30 pairs of jordans for the team

    like wow u guys serious

  41. well if its the colege code he should respect it like the team does he's not thatt good of a baller he's been put back an extra yr for hoop so he's garbage he's living off the legacy so he needs too respect protocal idc the college signed a deal and he knew when he signed what was the deal

  42. Marcus is in the right I mean come on his dad is air JORDAN and his dad made basketball shoes more popular I mean come on Jordan didn't even want to wear adidas and that's why he signed with nike.

  43. dude it my dad was fuckin MJ i would only wear MJ's

    there should just be special circumstances for people whos last name is Jordan

    especially if they are related


    who gives a shit what kind of shoes he wears