Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals - 3 Tongue Altitude

When it comes to being unique, nothing compares with the Jeremy Scott x adidas collection. Key releases such as the JS Logo and the JS Wings resulted from adidas’ latest collaboration with independent artist Jeremy Scott, and we now have a look at the 3 Tongue Altitude. This pair hosts a yellow upper with black and white accents, but the most interesting aspect of this sneaker is definitely the fact that there are three tongues rather of one. Though there is no real use of having three tongues, it definitely makes the sneaker aesthetically unique. The Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals – 3 Tongue Altitude is expected to release in August 2009.

Via Hypebeast.

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals - 3 Tongue Altitude

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals - 3 Tongue Altitude

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  1. lmfao hahahahah they got to be kidding me…looks like soccer shoes ..3 toungues for extra protection to ya foot when playing soccer hahah wow ..they went to far

  2. It looks like a Transformer's Bumblebee edition of a working boot. Also, how would you tie these? Lol

  3. id rather take a shit and try and stuff my foot into and walk around school then wear these

  4. yall are fools.

    don't u know these are the new j-scott x adidas kicks… do u remember the ones they did together with the massive wings?

    it's all about pushing the boundaries of trainer design

    that said, i wont be buying them ugly things

  5. Yo i dont even comment really but once i seen this i jus had to say somethin..WHAT THA FUCK!!

  6. Those are so fresh! I would wear those any day…You people have NO taste in footwear…seriously, try to be original for once…stop wearing the same ish everyday…

  7. There treds are Dope im duffo get both colours of these

    you twats that think these are shit are crazy people designin treds is all about originality obviusly summet you ent got

    be a sheperd not a sheep and follow the rest


  8. These shoes are baddd! Lil Wayne n Kano donning them they're nice need guts to wear them tho.

  9. you lot are fuckin dumb. the shoes are amaaaaazzzinnngggg. you guys dont know shit!! i want a pair :)

  10. theyre sick!!!!! (in a good way) i have the balls to wear them in public aswell :L they do they do red and white?