It's Got Wings: Jeremy Scott for Adidas "JS Wings"

Independent artist Jeremy Scott recently partnered upwith adidas to reinvigorate the brand’s Metro Attitude Hi. Toned up in a placid all-white color scheme, Scott affixed a large angelic wing to the model’s five middle eyelets. If you’re not feelin’ the fairy appendage, simply remove it, and voila, you’ve got a white/white reissue! A different look perhaps, but this boundry-destroying affair is nothing new for the ventursome Scott. Via Sneaker Freaker.

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  1. Nope i dont think these are womans im pretty sure kanye already has a pair he got 'em for his birthday i think

  2. They're in the Nylon Feb '09 issue modeled on a female. Although that doesn't make them female shoes, I'd say they could be.