Jason Petrie is the talented creative mind behind the Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7). “Alphaproject” designed the shoe as a system for LeBron, adding a re-engineered full-length Air Max 360 Air Bag and a healthy dose of Flywire. LBJ speaks on it, adding that having seven signature shoes is a, “Very humbling experience for me.” Do you think the LeBron VII (7) compares favorably to other shoes in the Nike LeBron line?

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  1. people be sucking these dude way to hard, those aren't that poppin . there basically rip offs of the Air Jordan XI's & the Nike Sharkley's. the designers that works for nike these days have no type of originality in them what so ever . it's a shame, the main person that no type of originality these is days is gentry humphry, the guy has basically ruined the look of JB down to the quality of their sneakers and appearance .

  2. ^^^There's always a hater in the bunch

    These are def better than the VI's… Would cop the all white he's rocking @2:48

  3. Finally a shoe worthy of the caliber of basketball player and icon Lebron James is I haven't liked any of the previous Lebron shoes in the past but I think they finally got this one write I get that classic Jordan feel with this one but updated obviously for Nikes new Michael Jordan, like people will be ebaying and hunting down the different colorways of these when they're retroed 10 years from now and the originals will be highly coveted finally you got it right for the kid nike great job can't wait to cop my first pair of Lebrons

  4. to me, most of LeBron's shoes have been modeled after Jordan's. Even his "soilders" look like Jordan's.

  5. the shoes are ok and so is he but he his shoe will never be mj brand and he will never be mj,,,people should stop comparing him to mj

  6. I like em ….. those all white ones he was wearing lookin kinda fresh. Will be my first Lebrons

  7. all whites are fresh. too much detailing with the L23 logos all over. could be my first pair of bron brons though

  8. I agree with MSigs the all white ones r icey. I'm definitely snatchin me up a pair. These r a great one to start my Lebron collection with.