Jalen Rose Predicts Michael Jordan Will Play for Charlotte Bobcats in 2013-14

While making a comeback isn’t a new concept the Michael Jordan, could there possibly be one brewing. Despite not logging an NBA minute in over a decade and being 50 years old, could MJ seriously be considering coming back for at least one game as a Bobcat? Although Rose made the prediction, it is one that is rather unfounded. Even with MJ’s infamous HOF speech, there are quite a few hurdles that may prevent MJ from hitting the hardwood yet again. One major hurdle being that he is a majority. Since he can’t just waltz right back onto the court, he would have to sell his stake in the team. With the other major facto being his age, would selling his stake really be worth the potential embarrassment he would face going up against all of the new young talent that’s out there? While this is all just playful talk, we will just have to wait and see what happens once it is time for the new season to start. In the meantime, how do you sneakerheads feel about this? Do you think MJ still has some gas in the tank? Make sure you drop us a line in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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  1. I highly doubt it but would love to see it. Fuck Lebron. Jordan will always be the best ever.

  2. Its a shame the bobcats need a 50 year old legend to play for them and make them better

  3. It would bring some notariaty to the team remember the wizards I watched every game

  4. It would be his worst decision ever if he played this coming season, after all the talk he’s done about LeBron, LeBron would have him wishing he didn’t come back…… LBJ all day