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It’s not us, It’s you.

It's not us, It's you.While this isn’t sneaker news, it is comedic none the less.

‘Sitting in front of a pile of discarded shirts honoring former Cleveland Cavaliers NBA star LeBron James(notes), Yours Truly restaurant manager Christina Weiner holds up the t-shirt that is being exchanged for the turned-in tops at the eatery in Beachwood, Ohio on Tuesday, July 20, 2010. Organizers of the shirt swap plan to send the discarded shirts to a homeless shelter in James’ new city of Miami, and proceeds from the sales of the “It’s Not Us, It’s You” shirts will go to homeless shelters in Cleveland.’ –Via Yahoo! Sports

These shirts are funny… sad, but funny. Cleveland fans are so distraught by the ‘Lebron to Miami’ move that they went ahead and made shirts to savor the moment.

Now who is the real winner in all of this? That poor restaurant manager with the last name Weiner that’s who…

It's not us, It's you.

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