It's not us, It's you.While this isn’t sneaker news, it is comedic none the less.

‘Sitting in front of a pile of discarded shirts honoring former Cleveland Cavaliers NBA star LeBron James(notes), Yours Truly restaurant manager Christina Weiner holds up the t-shirt that is being exchanged for the turned-in tops at the eatery in Beachwood, Ohio on Tuesday, July 20, 2010. Organizers of the shirt swap plan to send the discarded shirts to a homeless shelter in James’ new city of Miami, and proceeds from the sales of the “It’s Not Us, It’s You” shirts will go to homeless shelters in Cleveland.’ –Via Yahoo! Sports

These shirts are funny… sad, but funny. Cleveland fans are so distraught by the ‘Lebron to Miami’ move that they went ahead and made shirts to savor the moment.

Now who is the real winner in all of this? That poor restaurant manager with the last name Weiner that’s who…

It's not us, It's you.

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  1. the guys above arent thinking straight cuz they're hanging from lebrons nuts!!he's an idiot for leaving cleveland to go to miami to be pippen..actually he's toni fkin kukoc..Lakers will 3 peat!black mamba is the greatest!!

  2. Should be writing about the Nike Hyperfuse World basketball FIBA pairs coming out…You should email me if you want a decent sneaker aficionado with obsessive compulsive disorder writing articles.

  3. Sp1der- the hyperfuse fiba are out at online retailers… and the hyperfuse is old news. Sneakerfiles has been doing a great job keeping us entertained and informed for the past month so keep your bs comments to yourself. Keep up the good work sneakerfiles, I have been lovin your site for a good minute!

  4. Yeah, it shows how pathetic Cleveland is and is really sad that THEY GIVE CLOTHES TO THE HOMELESS after a guy is a complete EGOTISTICAL jerk on live live. Its not that he left, its how he left and C-town is classy and has donated thousands of clothes for homeless people. Yeah, real sad. Did you even read the article?

  5. Lebron is a jerk for leaving cleveland to join forces w dwade in wade county!!im not even a cleveland fan but the way he left was wrong!it would b like if kobe left a few years ago n went to san antonio.lbj is a douchebag!

  6. lmfao her name last name is weiner! Imagine if her middle name was Sandy lmfao. "Hi, I'm Sandy Weiner". im fucked up right now.

  7. SMH @Hags, let's get things straight: he didn't ASK for the publicity – the media gave it to him. He was the marquee in a free-agent market signing period that was considered the best of all time, PLUS don't act like you weren't wondering and making predictions as to where he was going a year in advance.

    Take it in: you were making predictions. Why? Because he NEVER promised anyone anything/made commitments to teams until the time was right. He owed Cleveland NOTHING, especially considering they were doing nothing for him.

    @BlackMambaistheGOAT (cute name, kill yourself now), I can already see why you'd make such an ignorant comment. Read above, learn the facts, and realize that he just wanted to win and Cleveland wasn't doing it for him. Realize that, in his shoes, you probably would have done the same thing to build you legacy. Realize that he didn't even leave Cleveland on a bad note, considering 1) he didn't promise that he was staying in his home state, and 2) he's been CARRYING them to and throughout the postseason for YEARS since he came, and it's time that he had skill on a team other than himself so that it doesn't have to be him doing all the work alone in order for his team to win.

    @lolrockznikes – tell me I don't speak truth and I only hang from LeBron's nuts, because that would only be an ignorant claim made from disregard of the real facts/blatant hate of LeBron. and LOL have you watched the Heat yet? Past history shows that LeBron will be the one leading them statistically, which puts him as the leader like Michael REGARDLESS of who's team it was before he came. D-Wade may still be the leader in the locker room, but they know who's really leading them on the court once they step onto it – the man putting in the most work. and LOL if you think Bosh is Pippen when he hasn't proven himself like LeBron – if you honestly think that's a case, you either know nothing about basketball or you're just the biggest hater who's ignorant of the truth! Statistically, LeBron was better than Kobe last season PLUS he has an MVP trophy to show for it. I DON'T CARE if Kobe has more rings, he didn't win them himself – meaning it's irrelevant when it comes to who's the better player. LeBron will be winning his first ring this season, and Kobe will lose in 6 by the Finals this year.

  8. I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

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