IPATH Bob Burnquist Grasshopper

IPATH has created a custom Grasshopper for first time IPATH skater Bob Burnquist. Burnquist first shoe with IPATH will be releasing in Fall 2008 featured natural hemp with Brazil accents. The hemp is designed to be very durable to survive anything you put it through. Furthermore, the sneakers will also sport a removable ankle strap that feature’s Burnquist’s logo and triple stitching. Keep your eyes peeled for these to be release this upcoming Fall season.

IPATH Bob Burnquist Grasshopper
IPATH Bob Burnquist Grasshopper


  1. hahahaha this is a joke. This site is for Js and Nikes and all the other shoes that actually have a purpose in life. Everyone knows that ipath is for stoners and hippies. Get this shit off

  2. hey Hippi! Good job on being creative with my name. Why dont u go blaze it up with ur buds while u shove skateboards up eachothers asses.


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