Nike Hyperdunk China

To celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Chinese National Men’s basketball team, Nike crafted two unique pairs of the Nike Hyperdunk Mid for the country. One pair, a red/black/gold affair, was sported exclusively by forward Yi Jianling (New Jersey Nets), while his teammates wore a red/black/yellow pair. The latter was produced in a limited format for the royal exclusivity of Footlocker’s House of Hoops but now is receiving a second breath of life through the standard Footlocker and catalog retailer Eastbay. A full size run is available at and for $109.

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  1. Those aren't the china's i think they are just a GR colorway that resembles that china's. china's were 125 and were supreme's.

  2. naw these are china their 125 they all so united we rises and germany go cop hyperdunks bestnike baksetball shoes ever

  3. like the post says these are Yi's teammates wore these with the yellow, while Yi was the only one who wore the gold ones