Southpole Biofuel
The sneaker industry is filled with renovated and refurbished designs. Companies from across the industry often borrow cues from each other, the Jordan Melo M5 borrowing midsole characteristics from the AND1 Onslaught Mid a prime example. We all thought Bape hijacking the iconic Air Force 1 silhouette would be the lowest move on the board. But then there was the facsimile FILA Helmsman forcefully adopting from Prada. And now there’s the Southpole BioFuel—a blatant appropriation of the Jordan XI (11). The ‘Fuel is moderately priced costing only $70, but really, is there anything more here than just another pair of bootleg pair of kicks you can buy at your local convenience store on the down low? At least those have a Jumpman on them! Via SC and Slam.