Hulk Hogan Shows off a Pair of Gamma Blue Air Jordan XIs

When it comes to sneakers and wrestling icons, Hulk Hogan is definitely leading the WWE sneakerhead charge. With that being said, does it really come as a surprise that Hogan copped a pair of the recently released “Gamma Blue” Air Jordan XI? Even though the pair he is holding appears to possibly be a GS size, Hulkamania obviously has an ill connect to ensure that he gets his kicks. Check out another look of Hogan and his kicks after the jump and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Hulk Hogan Shows off a Pair of Gamma Blue Air Jordan XIs

Photos via pythonpower


  1. Oh look, rich and important people get them and the battlers miss out again……, sounds about right, should be ashamed of yourself…
    Yes I didn’t get mine…….

  2. Hulks been wearing air Jordans since the 80’s….Please stop calling him a hype beast you ignorant bastards.

  3. He punch the crap out of the workers of a sneaker store and got a pair of these. Very classic of you Mr Hogan.

  4. he is actually a very big shoe finnatic and copps ever new pair of js he even has a pair of thr gold editions of the gold 11s package

  5. He just started collecting jays idk why lol but welcome to the culture (they do look mad small though lol)

  6. Whatcha gonna do wit these 24inch paytons and my baby ass gammas run wild on you” !!!!!!! LOL Jerome Miller

  7. Give it a rest Hulkster. Go ‘roid up and get down with Bubba’s wife….Oh, also, YOUR MOVIES SUCK!!!! Suburban Commando was alright when I was eight. I bet royally sucks now though….Hollywood…

  8. The term “hypebeast ” is getting old as fuck .. Most that use it r probably just mad they couldn’t cop a pair themselves

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  10. lol no the got a gold pack of 11s a pair of white and gold and a black and gold pair for 2,100$


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