Hender Scheme Air Jordan 4 Black

Hender Scheme, known for taking sneakers and putting their iconic touch on them will once again visit the Air Jordan 4. This time around they will be offering a brand new all Black pair.

The viewing actually came from United Arrows & Sons Instagram account which gives us a first look at the Hender Scheme MIP 10, which is known as the Air Jordan 4.

Completed in all black, Hender Scheme has built this model in luxury premium leather and waxed laces. While we could say this is the first ‘Premium’ model of the Jordan 4, there are no ties with Hender Scheme and the brand.

As of now, a release date for the Hender Scheme ‘Black’ Air Jordan 4 isn’t known, but once additional details become available, we will make sure to let you know. Retail price is expected to be $1,000. Make sure to check back with us for future updates and images.

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