Although Macbeth might be a relatively unknown name to the ears of many sneaker enthusiasts, the brand is no stranger to collaborations. In fact, in February we brought our fans a look at a collection of sneakers that were a result of a teaming up between Macbeth Footwear and Zu Boutique. This time around, Macbeth has chosen to work with Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt on the musician’s second Studio Project- the black/white-red patent leather Schubert in a high-top cut. This pair of Schubert highs is completely vegan, making it remarkably eco-friendly but all the while also adding increased ankle support and a vulcanized sole that heightens traction. This sneaker will be sold from select hip sneaker spots including Sportie LA out on the west coast. But by visiting Maxim.com as of June 1st, you can try your shot at being one of the few who purchase it as part of the exclusive pre-sale offer. Either way, the shoe will run you about $75. What are your thoughts on the history behind this second collaboration and the product resulting from it?



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