Hopefully you haven’t been hiding under a rock as the Nike LeBron XI (11) Lifestyle collection is now available.

For Holiday ’13, the Nike Sportswear LEBRON 11 Lifestyle inspiration was found in the duality of James’s off-court life. For starters, comfort was paramount: even with casual aesthetics, the injected Phylon and compression-molded heel provide the necessary support needed in a post-game recovery shoe.

The interior tells a story of luxury, one that draws design elements from the 18th century furniture in Napoleon’s apartment in France. It’s plush and velvety, a place for a ruler to rest his weary foot. Other stories–all reflecting James’s ability to rise to great heights while staying in touch with the community–are shared throughout additional iterations aptly named the “King of Miami“, “King of the Streets“, and “Work Hard, Play Hard”.

See more of this collection below and pick up your today through your local Nike Sportswear dealer.

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