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Footlocker Now Accepts PayPal In Stores

Footlocker Now Accepts PayPal In Stores

Purchasing shoes at Footlocker just became a little easier as the store announces an additional method to do so. Along with cash, credit, or debit, Paypal can now be used to buy footwear at over 1,200 stores nationwide. Footlocker VIP accounts will be linked to Paypal accounts so that all any customer has to do is provide the phone number that is linked to the Paypal and purchases will be made easy. No longer will sneaker consumers have to carry around wads of cash or credit/bank cards to buy shoes. Paypal aims to primarily make life and purchases easier for adults who give their kids money to carry to the shoe stores. Now, parents can be safe in knowing that all they have to do is provide Paypal account information.

Paypal is not done yet, either. The company has announced that their collaborations will hopefully be made available in over 2 million stores nationwide by the end of the year.

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