Air Jordan 20 Stealth 2015 Retro

When news broke about Jordan Brand finally brining back the Jordan 20, everyone seemed to be excited especially since the Stealth model was to retro. But will the excitement change after we get a first look at the sneakers? Now we will know because today is the day. We now present to you the 2015 Jordan 20 ‘Stealth’ retro.

First off, anyone that knows about Jordan Brand, specifically the Jordan 20 will know that there are some obvious changes between the 2015 and 2005 release. First off, the 2015 version will have gold laser print on the strap while the 2005 came in a subtle black. Materials have also changed, patent leather is shared between the original and retro but the 2015 will also dawn leather. You might remember that the 2005 had nubuck.

Mark your calendar for March 20th as the Air Jordan 20 Stealth retro will be making a comeback on that day. Will you still be picking up a pair with the changes?

Source: @Rashard79

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