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Fat Joe’s Air Jordan 6 DMP Fell Apart

Fat Joe Air Jordan 6 DMP

Fat Joe kept a pair of the Air Jordan 6 DMP deadstock for many years and today he decided to wear them. The unthinkable happened, the midsole pretty much fell right off.

Fat Joe took to Instagram to let everyone know hows he feels: “This is that bull shit. save the OG’s for years and the soul rips off the first time you wear them #hardtimesofasneakercollecter”. We feel your pain.

We have heard of older retro’s crumbling, especially with the 1999 Air Jordan 4s, but we have yet to hear anything about the Jordan 6 DMP. This could be due to a few different reasons, maybe the way the shoes were stored? They are almost 10 years old, but they should still hold up. Leave a comment on what you would do if this happened to you.

Fat Joe Air Jordan 6 DMP

Source: fatjoe

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