Set for a drop one week from today, New York’s Extra Butter provides the latest look at the Ewing Athletics 33 Hi.

The mid 80′s and early 90′s was the rebirth of the Knicks becoming a nasty team that New York loved. The best is when customers come in and talk to me about how great the Knicks were, to watch back then. They always bring up Oakley’s toughness, Mason and his one handed free throws, and if only Starks hit some of his 3′s in game 7 in 1994. The Knicks had some great memories which their perennial all-star and Dream Team Gold Medal winning center was responsible for. One of the greatest Knicks of all time, and the leader of that generation was the one and only, Patrick Ewing…or shall I say – “PAA-TRICK EW-ING!!”. Not only with his tenacious defense, and his dominate low post moves that kept him swoopin’ and hoopin’; he also had the kicks that always made him “stylin’ and profilin’ “. With that being said, Ewings fans everywhere are rejoicing the re-release of the original Ewing 33 High’s – available in both white/blue/orange, and plush red suede. The fact that they return with the exact specification to the original with it’s monstrous height and fat tongue, also including the original 1989 box and ball chain…this release is a perfect representation of Ewing’s iconic stature of the generation and style of basketball many of us grew up with.

Don’t miss out on the rare second chance to own the Ewings!

Releasing Friday, August 31st. In-store only.

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