DunkXchange Hits Washington D.C September 21st 2008!

The Dunkxchange hits Washington D.C on Sept 21st from 1pm to 5pm at Club Avenue.  The address is 649 New York Ave NW, Washington DC. The event is an all age event and will have a $10 cover charge. With the cover you can bring in 3 items to trade or sell as well.

DunkXchange Hits Washington D.C September 21st 2008!


  1. pfff i am in DC area. I will go to browse maybe buy. but you ^ my man better keep an eye on your shit. i wouldnt bring anything i treasure to washington dc. do you know why its 1pm – 5pm? you best watch your table and not turn around. and go straight to your car if you sell some shit. This isn't fucking California.

  2. i guarantee you Cam'ron doesn't come back to New York Avenue ever in his life at night time. pffff y'all just don't know.

  3. lol yeah word is it may be cancelled due to lack of security. I know the guys at Major and they trying there best to pull this one off. I'm def coming in some New Balance and bring my crew wit me cus I'm trying to sell my Carmelo PEs. Born and raised in DC myself, and I still roll atleast 8-10 deep.

  4. Yea I Though about coming and getting a table but I think imma sit this one out. For one its on a sunday why couldnt be today and shit dont really understand cuz i wanted to sell my dmp's and 99 Iv's both bred and cement joints but dont think imma do that

  5. Yehhh I'ma be there, not tryin to bring any pairs of dunks of much money cuz I don't wanna get robbed. You know.

  6. How do they do? They've found out how to beat your car and make it profitable for themselves. I like to think of this like getting your car in New York Avenue. You can hold New York Avenue longer in California.

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