How do early release sites get their hands on so many pairs of so called “extremely limited” shoes?

This is something I have been wondering for far too long and I can never seem to come up with an answer or reason as to HOW they do it. I understand that with most sneakers that are general releases, they are able to get their hands on pairs that might be considered factory rejects or ‘B-Grades’. I’ve even heard that some of these shoes could be stolen from factories. Maybe they are produced off the radar, thus bypassing quality control since they aren’t to be released via retail chains. But with releases that are limited and sometimes numbered, such as the Premio Bin 23 series, I just don’t understand how this makes these early releases legitimate.

The upcoming Air Jordan XIII ‘Ray Allen’ PE is a prime example. There have been tons of rumors and speculation as to how many pairs are actually going to be available. Without Jordan Brand announcing number totals, nothing can be confirmed of course. However, we do know that the sneaker will release at only 2 locations… one of which will happen this weekend at Sole Fly in Miami, FL.

With 2 locations confirmed to release this particular model, how the heck do all of the early release sites gather up so many pairs of such “limited” sneakers?!?

Are these pairs stolen from the factory; if they are, wouldn’t that take away from pairs which are scheduled to be released at certified retailers?

Are these pairs specifically made for the early sites; if so, is this something authorized by Jordan Brand or is someone getting paid under the table to make additional pairs outside of the original production numbers?

If a particular shoe is said to be extremely limited, only available at certain retailers in limited quantities… where are these additional pairs coming from and who is profiting from it? Maybe this is partially the reason why Nike has decided to increase costs on all merchandise, who knows… all I know is that all of this just doesn’t add up.

What are your thoughts on the subject… how is it possible for certain releases which are “limited” or even numbered to be released early without them taking away from the quantities which are to be shipped out to retail stores?

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  1. They come from JB. Jordan know how to make money from us. He realeases a limited shoe, that alone creates a buzz and demand for that shoe right?! He then says it will be limited quantities and only available at certain location which kicks the demand for them into over drive. The shoe will sale for retail at these location but each location is only gettin a certain amount per store right? So if I’m jordan I will make more for early release sites or sale them the B grades at the same price as the A grades make double what I would if I only shipped the A grades, charge 50 to 100 bucks over retail to get them early and since it’s a limited release maybe 100 to 200 bucks over retail. Now with the money made from the A grades in those two store’s JB has already made a profit from all those shoes. The B grades can’t just go to waste and noone knows they’re B grades so he will make triple the profit with them to get rid of them and not waste any money what so ever. JB “Don’t get me started I make triple in fickle markets, my profit margin will have all you local ninjas starvin” (in my rick ross voice) lol. That’s a business man for you arse playboy.

  2. Seems to me like Nike and JB have to be aware of the issue. Marqueesole, osneaker etc. are not a secret at all, JBs people know about it…if they wanted to they could put a stop to their selling. Interesting topic. Would like to know the truth.

    1. My boy bought the Black/Citrus 9s from marqueesole and they look questionable compared to the ones released at the Mall. and fix funny

  3. Additionally, you find more and more of the new heads out here buying these up because there's no more loyalty to the manufacturers. Maybe this stems from the fact that JB doesn't listen to the shoe heads, and continues to create mashups, and won't release the shoes we want to see in the first place… when they do give us a grail release, the numbers don't allow everyone a fair opportunity to copp.
    I personally talked to Randy Liu (Air Randy) and he swears he has authentic Js. Moreover, he guarantees they aren't B-grades. So yeah, we are right back where we started. What are they? And why do the corps allow the sales? (There's a reason Air-Randy disappeared last year)

  4. That is what makes me skeptical about buying from these sites. Seems to me if the shoes are limited or have a set production number and these sites have them early and yet the stores still receive their full allotment then the ones online are just very high quality bootlegs. They might be made at the same plant after hours but unless they are authorized by Nike / JB they are bootlegs. I do agree with TGD that Nike/ JB doesn't seem to care about the issue. Even if the shoe were a general release and a mom & pop store sold their entire run to a reseller early, Nike / JB should be hunting down which store did it and pull their account. Breaking street dates is one thing but selling your entire stock to one person a week early is another.

  5. Yea,this topic is very interesting. I always wondered this too but never pressed the issue. I would think they're either paying the store an extreme amount of money to hold pairs or they have insiders in high places running the numbers. I've seen some guy on youtube get a bunch of Quai 54s only because he knew a couple people in Europe. Not as good of an example but still an example.

  6. Great Topic! I've always wondered the same thing….. it seems everything is a mystery with nike. How many samples are actually produced? how many REAL numbers of friends & family & hyperstrikes are really released? limited exclusives get released early and even pop up as restocks weeks after the release. I wouldn't doubt if someone on the inside is profiting off the extra quantities if not nike themselves. Nike has been around long enough to be no dummy! They could be reproducing quantities of runs that sell out right away at ebay & website resell values who knows & will we ever?

  7. My guess would be that they have someone on the inside. But another theory is that nike and jb put them out there to certain people to cause "hype" on a shoe. We know that some releases dont need hype, but in never hurts. Either way, its something that ive always thought about. Great topic, but there has to be someone that knows one of these "pre sellers" personally.

  8. Guys, it's simple! These so called "Exclusive" releases aren't as exclusive as we once thought. All this talk about Nike insiders making there own pairs on the side sounds too lucrative and cynical. The truth is, truly exclusive sneakers aren't as profitable as once believed. It's all about maximizing profits. This issue may have initially started out as a problem but I'm sure the Nike corporation has found a way to capitalize off it. Think about it, it's still the same watered down material and synthetic leather as any other retro so what's so special about them. NOTHING!!! Don't believe the hype guys. Peace

  9. Nice story! Always wondered the same thing all I can say is that all the early releases I bought never have the soles glued in or no serial number under sole. I heard some one say that early releases are from the same factories just aren't approved by Nike these why will see all release shoes with no glued sole or serial numbers under sole

  10. I really think everything is from the factories… if you check all the youtube movies and all the fakes in the web….I am from Bulgaria …before we were the proud makers of Puma…most of the factories was here…but everything stopped before few years…why ?
    Cus one Bulgarian factories get a certificate to make 50 000 pairs of shoes. But the factory buys more materials and tell to puma that they are more expensive…so the price will be for 50 000…but they make 10 000 more so 60 000. the 10 000 are still the same and original withoyt a sertificate from puma…and before i was able to buy puma for in nowa days like 20-25 euros a pair…that in USA was about 60-80$
    Sorry if i have some mistakes

  11. I am from China, i know what are they!!!!! Those earlier shoes we call them "Factory Goods" but they are not really come from the Nike contract factories, they are from others, so the shoes you can consider as "FAKE".

    1. yea I thought they were I bought a pair off this so called legit site called mentalkicks.com and everyone was bragging about legit and real their sneakers were. I go them they ae the concords and they look real but the jordan symbol is too off and the 23 is stretched out in the back and they SMELL like leather…I have 4 pairs of the 11s and none smell like that….So thats 220 down the drain and they refuse to refund me……..Learned my lesson!

  12. Sneakerfiles is running out of stories to talk about. How about Sneakerfiles hire Scooby Doo and the gang to slove this mystery.

    1. A. you must work for nike
      B. you must be a complete dumbass that pays whatever rape price for whatever.

      This is actually a great story guys. Its about time someone posed the questions that matter and a that actually make dollars and sense. Keep up the god work.

  13. I feel like this simple and plain………all this hype over these so called "exclusive releases" is a bunch of cowdung. I once used to climb mountains for jordans and even laid my life on the line for my jordans fighting mosh pits, even being robbed gunpoint outside of a mall and for what? Some b.s "D Grade" Jordans?……..I'm losing the love for the sneaker game, because they (Brands at question) obviously lost the love for us……I believe after all we have done for these companies that they should at leave have more loyalty to us…….I'm gettin older so soon all ill be concerned about are pradas and gators for these type of prices.

  14. I had the same thought, that shoes could be stolen from factories. Maybe that's why many online sites and eBay sellers get the shoes so early. And the funny thing is why do they charge so much and shipping just to get 'em or any AJ or AF1 early? Another question is, Why are these being released in MIA? Shouldn't these be released only in BOS? Or could've these been a GR? On sneakernews I read someone say that ones these release, two weeks later these are gonna release at ALL other HoH's locations. Not sure if it's true or not though.

  15. All of nike/jordan products are made over seas.Sites like marqueesole etc have access to any and every nike limited to gr sneaker being produced.If you were to call nike right now and asked them how many of a certain shoe was released you would not get a straight answer.The first thing that comes out of someones mouth is they are fake and if that is the case then all of the nike/jordan kicks we are wearing are fake because they are all being produced overseas.I feel that these sites that are able to get certain shoes early are authentic shoes that have not passed through the quality testing process.The shoes may have very minor flaws like glue issues but you can see that from time to time on kicks on their regular release date.Just like nike has a list of sites that sell fake kicks.Some may be true but others are getting accused because they do not have a actual contract to sell nike products.Nike will tell you to buy from foot locker,foot action,eastbay etc because they have a contract to sell nike products.Nike knows whats going on as far as these other overseas sites selling their kicks they have a team of employees that investigate these things.The production numbers on certain limited kicks is a bunch of BULLSHIT to HYPE UP the release to make you want to cop their product(smart business).The shit about shoes being expensive fakes or b grades does not make sense for the simple fact all of our shoes come from overseas period.

  16. I will give you another example the consignment store flightclub has gotten several early released kicks from people who have purchased their kicks from well known overseas sites(marqueesole etc) and they send the kicks to them to make a profit.Flightclub has a group of people that checks the shoes you bring them to make sure they are authentic before they post them on their site.That crap about these sites are selling expensive knock offs is not always true.Most sneakerheads know which overseas sites you can cop authentic kicks from and which ones to stay away from.

  17. When you really look at the whole picture JB doesn't care about it's customers. Theyre more concerned about profit and that will never change unless people stop buying their product

  18. Never buy from the internet…unless u cop from trusted sites like flight club, pickyourshoes, foot locker, champs etc.

  19. I am weary about buying kicks early anyway, I've found several reliable sites (uptempoair, PYS, Kixclusive) but most want an obscene amount of money and it makes it not worth it. Kicks are only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for them, Case in point, FlightclubNY has some 2000 Space Jam's for $650, you're not going to find a whole lot of people who are willing to drop 650 on some kicks. I purchased the White Cement 3's earlier this year from marqueesole and they said everything was legit, when they arrived, they came in a regular, grey Jordan box, no retro 3 box like they were supposed to come in, and the box was small as hell to, way smaller than a normal box which led me to believe they were B grades. Back in 09 I bought the Space Jam's early from vmvinc.com and the "jumpman jordan" logo on the tounge was offceneterd really bad, it was behind the laces rather than in between them. These are just examples from personal experience. I don't think a lot of these so called "exclusive" releases are legit at sites that sell them early.

  20. Their rejects given to special accounts, SUCCEZZ by v dot in Chicago tried selling me sum bogus looking wolf grey 5's where its stitching was poking out and some bin 5's that were looking a little weird, months after their release. AKIN in Chicago sold me sum Retro 3 BHM'S where a piece of leather was torn and the box was torn up

  21. Korea bro don’t you know you get a leak of a picture they can make it for 20$ and it will take about a week or 2…… serious buisness and nowadays their damn shoes are almost as nice as the garbage thats coming out

    Point and example i wore my playoff 13 2 times not scuff even on the white but the sole is already falling apart. srill ha the new shoe smell and everything…so they went back in the box… cool greys had glue mooshed out everywhere horrible and those got picked up @ nordstroms

  22. well if you dont know alot of stores carry jordans before they come out like weeks before they come out.I asked finishline will they be carrying the flint 13’s when they came out he didn’t know what i was talking bout so he check his computer for the release date and went right back to the back to inventory and came out with them.I couldn’t buy them then but that was two weeks before the release date.

    1. Indeed, the same thing happen to me today I saw the ny nick/Cav IV’s…dude pulled them out and showed me…Which by the way look much better in person. But the point is there is some undergrown rules to the shoes sale shit…just like another sales..guess we have to buy our own store to find out about it.

  23. I coped the 2011 concord from sneakerhotline everything perfect except the jordan man on the back they both didnt line up and the 23 was slanted a lil bit…the box was legit lol

  24. yea I thought they were I bought a pair off this so called legit site called mentalkicks.com and everyone was bragging about legit and real their sneakers were. I go them they are the concords and they look real but the jordan symbol is too off and the 23 is stretched out in the back and they SMELL like leather…I have 4 pairs of the 11s and none smell like that….So thats 220 down the drain and they refuse to refund me……..Learned my lesson!

  25. Yea man stupid ass sites I learned mines to bro never again ill stick to my early release from house of hoops….people on youtube promoting the sites like the shoes have 100% quality smh

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  27. The factories that make nike/jb sneakers are contracted not owned by nike and JB. The factories only responsibility is to make sure nike gets the number of shoes they paid for, thus fulfilling their quota. In reality the factory makes 10,000s of pair over what they give nike. Then sell them under the table to after market/ early releases sites like MK, sole awesome, kicksole etc… those shoes are called “grey market shoes”. They are neither fake, nor are they authorized for sale by nike/jb. Nor are they B grades like everybody claims. While some are B grades, just because of sheer numbers, most are perfectly fine and the same quality you would find at a retail chain. Nike is not stupid, they know about this, but they would have a hard time proving it as the factories either dont report they even existed, or write them off as failing quality control thus having been destroyed. Also more importantly it doesnt cut into nike/jb profit margin. As nike will only authorize so many to be sold and all pairs will still sell out

  28. listen to the china guy, he is correct.. these are just high quality fakes… not even from the same factory contracted by nike. there are companies that specializes in counterfeiting these (or any product)… they have insiders they can get their hands on a pair once the first pair rolls out the line & copy it. or they just get copies of diagrams & where to get similar supplies.

    most grey market/unauthorized stories are all BS. because real unauthorized pairs from the same factory will have no consistent differences with the legit pairs

    search youtube for : ” China’s fake NIKE town, it’s BIG business! “.