How do early release sites get their hands on so many pairs of so called “extremely limited” shoes?

This is something I have been wondering for far too long and I can never seem to come up with an answer or reason as to HOW they do it. I understand that with most sneakers that are general releases, they are able to get their hands on pairs that might be considered factory rejects or ‘B-Grades’. I’ve even heard that some of these shoes could be stolen from factories. Maybe they are produced off the radar, thus bypassing quality control since they aren’t to be released via retail chains. But with releases that are limited and sometimes numbered, such as the Premio Bin 23 series, I just don’t understand how this makes these early releases legitimate.

The upcoming Air Jordan XIII ‘Ray Allen’ PE is a prime example. There have been tons of rumors and speculation as to how many pairs are actually going to be available. Without Jordan Brand announcing number totals, nothing can be confirmed of course. However, we do know that the sneaker will release at only 2 locations… one of which will happen this weekend at Sole Fly in Miami, FL.

With 2 locations confirmed to release this particular model, how the heck do all of the early release sites gather up so many pairs of such “limited” sneakers?!?

Are these pairs stolen from the factory; if they are, wouldn’t that take away from pairs which are scheduled to be released at certified retailers?

Are these pairs specifically made for the early sites; if so, is this something authorized by Jordan Brand or is someone getting paid under the table to make additional pairs outside of the original production numbers?

If a particular shoe is said to be extremely limited, only available at certain retailers in limited quantities… where are these additional pairs coming from and who is profiting from it? Maybe this is partially the reason why Nike has decided to increase costs on all merchandise, who knows… all I know is that all of this just doesn’t add up.

What are your thoughts on the subject… how is it possible for certain releases which are “limited” or even numbered to be released early without them taking away from the quantities which are to be shipped out to retail stores?

Image Via Kicks-Lab