Its safe to say that a lot of people are pissed right about now. After tons of speculation, misguided sneaker news and hype out the you know what, the Air Jordan XIII ‘Ray Allen’ madness has finally come to an end.

This release will quite possibly be known as one of the worst, if not the worst, releases in sneaker history. Being sold in two states, we are not including the Hong Kong based early sellers, and Finish Line’s online store… this release left much to be desired.

Most of us were finally content with the fact that we would not have a chance at obtaining the Retro, that is until Finish Line decided to announce that they would have them for sale as an online only release only furthering the hype behind the bland White/ Green Retro.

The way Finish Line handled the release was mind boggling… to say the very least. Once the shoes hit the online store they were gone, fastest sell out ever. Now, most of you are pissed at Finish Line. Their Twitter mentions are absolutely hilarious at this point, I know people are genuinely upset but you have to understand that its just another pair of shoes.

What has started to wander through my mind however, is why would a Brand that claims they are loyal to their consumers do something like this to their fan base? Limited releases, limited quantities, available at limited locations… This is something we’ve grown accustom to. Yet, when a release is this scarce, there is far greater potential for individuals to get hurt. We all know what happened over the Nike Air Foamposite Pro ‘Retro’ aka ‘Electric Blue’ not too long ago. People were getting hurt and killed over a shoe that is still sitting in stores at this very moment, at least they are here in the Bay Area.

People do crazy things all the time over items that are trivial and materialistic, proof of this is strewn about throughout human history. Brands know this type of behavior erupts during releases such as this, so how are they not held accountable for their actions… aren’t they at least morally responsible? In my opinion they are being irresponsible for not even taking into consideration all of the chaos that follows certain releases knowing that there are people in this world that will take drastic measures to obtain items that are not a necessity in order to achieve some sort of monetary gain or value.

Something else to consider as well; Air Jordan XIII Retro’s were retailed at $160 in 2010 & early 2011, a shoe that originally retailed at $150 back in ’97/’98. This pair, which is one of the most bland of colorways, retailed at $175 and not one person had a problem paying that price. Don’t you think Jordan Brand is testing the waters to see how high a shoe can retail for before consumers oppose? We are already looking $160 Retro’s beginning with the Black/Cement AJ3’s, what’s to stop them from increasing the prices even higher in the near future?

Worst release in history, poorly mismanaged online & a Brand who is continuously showing disregard for its loyal fan base over the last 26 years…

Sneakerhead may be the wrong term for us after all… Its almost as if we’re being called ‘Air-heads’ behind the closed executive office doors in Beaverton, OR.


  1. Preach brother preach! jordan has the business world in a headlock.
    “Sneakerhead may be the wrong term for us after all… Its almost as if we’re being called ‘Air-heads’ behind the closed executive office doors in Beaverton, OR. ”

    you couldn’t have said it any better.

  2. Still fuming…already a bullshit release and because of this, the hype is at volcanic levels pushing the resale value up even higher! I might have to switch up kicks for stock in Nike after all this..I love my kicks but man I just feel like I got shit on….twice! Even Jesus and the 12 disciples couldn’t get their hands on a pair of Rays!

  3. Still fuming…already a bullshit release and because of this, the hype is at volcanic levels pushing the resale value up even higher! I might have to switch up kicks for stock in Nike after all this..I love my kicks but man I just feel like I got shiton….twice! Even Jesus and the 12 disciples couldn’t get their hands on a pair of Rays!

  4. Finishline poorly managed it. They said to follow em on twitter but when they posted the link, they’re long gone. You know why? Cus they actually sold em at 8:51 west. So they actually didn’t sell them at 9 west 7/23, they sold em at 7/22. I blame JB also. Out of all the sneaker places, why did they give finishline the privledge to sell em on their site? They have a history of having bad online service and this just made it worst. All in all, I blame both

  5. Maybe if there weren’t so many websites over hyping Jordan retros we wouldn’t have this problem. Jordan brand knows people sit in front of a building for four days so they can resell them. Everyone’s to blame for this mess. I can’t believe they’re selling for $1,000+ on eBay. Recession my ass.

  6. First off, you nailed it. Second, I just left the Braintree Mall Footaction and the hugely disappointing Ray Allen release. I wish I would have recorded the madness that occurred there. First off, I arrived there at around 10pm. 20 or so people just hanging out in the parking lot. Security and police told me no camping or line until 5 AM, 17 pairs. I even discussed with them how stupid footaction was for not handing out bracelets. They agreed that people would get hurt and/or arrested. I went to watch a movie to pass time then returned at 1AM to find the place empty. Same cop tells us you can’t be on the mall property until 5AM. At 5 AM you’re allowed to “run to the mall entrance for a bracelet”. I laughed at how calmly they said it. 4:30 AM….. At least 100 people all inching their way toward the door. Cops kept telling everyone to back up about 4 or 5 times. Finally everyone started sprinting toward the door (only 4:45). People falling, getting trampled, pushed, pulled, shot with pellet guns, hit with batons, K9 put on them. Complete mayhem. These people acted like a hungry pack of wolves that haven’t eaten in weeks. Final result, 12 people got inside and the rest of the release was called off. I’m embarrassed that I waisted 7 hours of my life that I’ll never get back. I lesson was learned the hard way though: prioritize your life with things that are important like family, friends, work, school and health. Shame on Footaction for not handing out bracelets when there were only 20 people there. Thanks JB, Footaction and every person who sprinted toward that door tonight. Because of you, I’m done with sneakers and finally grew up. Peace.

    • dude u said it best….gotta prioritize…sneakerhead for life but honestly these arent even that great looking of a shoe…..and i think how can i be disapointed when 90 people were just executed by a fuckn maniac.

    • Dude i’m a sneakerhead from Montreal and I was actually in Boston this weekend.

      After hearing about all the confusion that went on, i’m preety disgusted with JB also.

      Good post!

  7. yesterday came around and thats when i first heard they would be 175. before that yeah i kinda wanted them but once i heard the price i didnt even bother staying up lastnight. i think more sneakerheads need to realize to stop buying retros until A. the price comes down cause im not paying 150-160 on a shit quality shoe or B. they bring the quality wayy up thatd ease the pain of breaking my bank every month

    thanks for posting this hopefully nike and JB will see it.

  8. That was an excellent write. All this hype over that boring colorway. I understand the want for it because of the exclusivity but I’m sorry, that shoe ain’t even all that dope to me. As far as JB raising prices, I heard a rumor that the Concord XI’s were gonna be $250.

  9. Lol I can’t believe people are soo mad about this. First I think it was a great idea releasing them only in Boston. And why is this guy complaining about a bland colorway and high price? Does that mean the more colors it has the more expensive? NO! and if it was so bland and expensive why were you trying to get your hands on one? The shoe was to commemorate Ray Allen and his 3 point record and releasing it only in Boston makes sense. If they would of been a GR you wouldn’t of copped cuz everyone would have em so quit your whining and don’t hate just cuz you couldn’t get your hands on a pair

  10. man what a terrible nite. it was impossible to even get on finishline. and when i finally did. i put in the search for the shoe. and it tells me cant find product. but when they sold out. it found the shoes in a sec. what kind of b.s. is that. i started trying to get on finishline about ten till. and i couldnt even get in. i dont get it. thats just so unfair. how could you not get in with so much time left. something isnt kosher here. i smell a rat.

  11. I actually love the colourway. the ray logo is neither here nor there, but i’ve been hanging for some celtics colours for years. However, I do agree that it is morally reprehensible to knowingly create a situation where people are likely to get hurt. Not just the stabbings and shootings, but the stress and anxiety thousands of loyal fans are suffering as they compete for merchandise. It’s completely unnecessary, it’s not like these tactics actually boost jb sales for other releases.

    As for making something “special” for ray in honour of his achievement, well how special is a shoe that will never be worn. 99% of them will stay in a cardboard box, seldom seeing the light of day, until they crumble, perhaps being passed through a few hands along the way. This does not honour ray allen, this dishonours him. How it encourages a dog eat dog mentality. Disgusting.

    I know if i had a pair, i’d wear them, beat them down, as they were made to be used. And so when they are so beaten that they can’t be worn any more, i can look at them and say that I loved them, in honour of the greatest 3 point shooter of all time.

    • who would wear a shoe thats worth over a thousand dollars now if not more. its not like you can buy 2 pairs. 1 pair and thats it

      • they’re not worth a grand to me. such inflated values are just for “collectors”. i’m no collector, i wear all my shoes, and i’d do that same to these if i had them.

        i don’t do double either.

        true appreciation occurs on the feet. anything less is pointless waste.

  12. This is one of the better articles that I have read on this topic. I hate paying more than 200 for a pair of shoes and although these were limited 175 was testing me. I’m kinds glad I didnt get them. I dont care how much they resell for because I wasnt going to do that. Money well saved in my opinion.

  13. after reading this i completely agree a true “sneakerhead” has noticed this change in price in the JORDAN brand and a change in the brand itself and personally with the colorways being released and at cthe quantities given ive given up on contributing to it anymore. i wear an 11.5 one of the rarest sizes in a shoe shipment of standard sizes i have completely put all my time and effort in SB DUNKS and BLAZERS. although its still basically the umbrella company to JORDAN they show more care and value to their customers. SORRY JORDAN youve lost another customer. this btw was not just about this shoe its the brand as a whole because i too understand that PE’s are very limited

  14. I won’t even rant here. But here in a Capitalist society we vote with our dollars. If your mad at Nike,JB,or Finishline. Don’t buy from them. Companies change real fast when the bottomline is hurt.
    Any company that does me wrong in my opinion will get zero biz from me.

  15. Great story! Sometimes i wish it were possible for all of us to ban together and take a stand against JB and Nike, but i dont think its ever possible. With the poor quality and bullshit releases, we still go out and flock to buy them. But i must say that i have been cutting down, its really getting old. And this is coming from a true Jordan lover.

  16. Good article sneakerfiles. This is the kind of thing that needs to be said, usually no one will say it. Increase the quality, make the prices more reasonable for their value (no more cheap pleather like the Cardinal VII’s)) or lose your core customer group. And Finish Line may be in trouble for selling them a few minutes early. JB and Nike doesnt mess around. Just ask Foot Locker about how Nike basically banned them 9-10 years ago prior to finally giving them good product in recent years. Foot Locker was selling product early.

  17. For jay

    This shows your a jordan head and not a sneakerhead dunks and blazers resell value surpasses jordans by a long shot…end of story

  18. Why even be mad if they weren’t ray allens shoe they would be nothing but a pair of green and white XIIIs that would’ve sold but would’ve eventually went on sale I just what the black Vs

  19. Why even be mad if they weren’t ray allens shoe they would be nothing but a pair of green and white XIIIs that would’ve sold but would’ve eventually went on sale I just want the black Vs

  20. Made multiple good points, mainly, I was content with not getting this shit, to have some big fiasco over probably like 20-30 pairs is just bad business imo. People really should mainly take a stand against finishline for this particular case. They could have simply told JB, no I don’t want these 2 dozen pairs, seeing as what it would create in the end. Bottom line, the hype is just getting much too large for shit. I may sound like an asshole for this(but so be it), somebody really needs to do some columbine type shit at a release for Nike/JB etc, to be held responsible for there obviously shady business tactics. All these rumored production numbers, super inflation in price, tremendous loss of quality, hell, the list goes on. All to the douchebags from boston, who attest to the fact that its right for them to release strictly to boston, I’ll ask you dummies this. What about the people that were following ray back in his UCONN or Milwaukee days… Last but not least, Tokyo 5s, Quai 5s, and Ray 13s, arguably 3 of the best releases of the year, all not attainable to some regular fool(maybe with the exception of the Quais). The limited shit has gone too far, simply put, more people need to get hurt before any of this shit will stop.

    • cmon son. lets not take it that far. nobody needs to seriously get hurt. i agree with you on some points but the history behind those ray allen joints is remakarable as he is a hall of fame player and nba great. i didnt get a pair either and just like the south beach brons that makes these shoes so special. i wish jordan brand would gr all there products but that would cause for oersaturation of the market. imagine little kids running thru playgrounds beating up these joints. that would be terrible. this is more than a shoe its a monument of sorts to honor a man that played the game right on the court and was always a class act off the court. ray allen is a champion and his first pair of “official” jordans should only be released in limited to amounts. SPEACIL RELEASE FOR A SPECIAL PLAYER

  21. Being a Boston and ray Allen fan I really wanted these but its good I see what they will resale for now hope not 1000!

  22. I was never a big fan of the XIII in the first place. I understand making a limited number of a specific shoe, but JB is trying to play cats now. Just look at the retail; they put $175 on these and they are nothing special. They sold the Bordeauxs for $150; they sell OG colorway IIIs for $150 etc etc. The grails are worth less than a bullshit PE XIII? I don’t get JB; they continue to play games with their most loyal of supporters. They don’t care what we have to say, anyhow

  23. I completely agree with what you wrote. This shit is getting crazy now and it seems like prices go up each year as quality goes down

    • You do realize we’re living in a recession and ’bout to go into another recession if the U.S. govt. doesn’t resolve its debt limit (I doubt it, cuz I don’t think politicians give a f*** ’bout its people anymore). History is repeating itself! When oil raises, everything raises. In fact, Nike warned us a few months ago that it’s going to raise the price on sneakers.

  24. This is all truth. Reason why I only follow a hype to a point. These didn’t impress me colorwise and just because they were limited,people flocked.

  25. Only thing I will say Finishline two thumbs down! They’re suppose to release 12 est why was it 11:50 est not cool!!

  26. I agree 100%.FUCK JB,NIKE and Finishline for this pathetic show of disrespect to your loyal customers who year in and year out put up with your rising prices and horrible quality.

  27. look i hate the celtics with all my heart. but i collect only classics. and these are gonna be very nice classics. but this was a discrase of a the way they handled this release. i mean the south beach and the jordan titanium 23 and even the bin23 and other big time shoes were easier to obtane.

  28. listen finishline you dumb f-cks. can you understand time. it was suppose to be 12 est release and not 11;50 dont u know the difference. and upgrade ur damn servers i hate you finishline never doin business with you again. your company s-cks balls.

  29. I will say that some very interesting points have been made by this article. However, I also realize that the decision to participate in these type of scenarios is completely voluntary. Not one of the people who stood in line or waited for Finishline to sell the shoe was forced to do so. As far as the pricing goes I agree. But this is evident across the board of all major shoe companies. Adidas now sells the Crazy Light for $130. I never thought that I would see the day that a pair of Adidas would be over $70. But times have changed and the only thing that matters is the financial bottom line. All of the gripe over quality is relative. I visually inspect every product before I make the decision to purchase it. I’ve been around for awhile and I know what the originals looked and felt like and for the most part the retros are decent when compared to them. Is the price hike justified? Who’s to say? But ultimately the decision rest with the consumer. If you see a product with substandard quality and you choose to purchase it anyway, who’s at fault? JB? Nike? Neither…..the consumer is. Limited releases aren’t the problem. A company has the right to release as much or as little of a product they choose. Can stores do more to prevent the mob mentality concerning such releases? Yes. Furthermore, the decision to behave in a manner that is egregious to others rest not with the retailer or manufacturer but with the consumer.

  30. Well said I give a standing ovation for this statement even tho! I wasn’t to pressed on the PE ray Allen 13s but it counts for other releases that came out

  31. I’m to the point where If I really want a shoe, I’m willing to pay a certain price I will pay the extra $ to get it online or presale in order to avoid the craziness that people above are speaking of. I live in Charlotte, NC, not a huge sneaker community, but its okay and there was madness over the cool greys, shootings and such. Its just not worth it. If I really want the kicks, paying more for them is worth it because my time and other things (like my life!) are more important. The way I see it, shoes, like all things, are worth as much as you’re willing to pay for them. Someone above mentioned not wanting to wear shoes that cost a thousand dollars or more, the thing is, they don’t cost a thousand dollars, they cost $175, but someone is willing to pay $1K for them, which makes them worth that much to them. Personally, depending on the pair, I’m not willing to ever pay more than $300 for a pair of kicks and I’ve been a collector/wearer of kicks for twenty years. I’ve seen the 2000 OG space jams for for $700 or more (flightclub has them for $650 right now I think) but I wouldnt pay that much for them, but someone will. I think this is a great article, well written and raises excellent points.

  32. I got my pair from niketown Boston put in some dedication and got what I wanted big shout out to whoever got there pair nice shoe very very nice shoe

    • dude not everybody lives in boston o.k.and were talking about how f-cked up finishline handled the situation. i got all my big time shoes from house of hoops nyc. but thats not the issue. its about finishline and how they duked alot of people. not giving a fair shot. if it was only in boston and miami then forget about it. but they announced that finishline will have for those left out.

  33. Well written, but when it comes to paying stupidly high prices, our Footlockers here in Australia are the only place to get Jordan and most high end new releases go for $269AUS = $290US! Happy to pay only $175US!! Even with shipping from the US it’s still cheaper!

  34. The worst part of this story is that THIS COLORWAY SUCKS! Not even the playoff edition in Feb had this problem.
    I love the 13s but didn’t even get upset that this one was so limited. I’ll sit on my black/varsity red OG, White/Varsity red from Dec, Attitude Greens and all the other ones I bought in 05 when they were only 150 O_o


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