Hype… what is hype doing to the Sneaker Community?

As of late I’ve heard, on numerous occasions, that the ‘game’ has changed. No longer can you walk into a store and purchase a pair of sneakers at ease. Could you even imagine walking into a store on release day and walking out with a brand new pair of Air Jordan XI’s, in any color, without any lines or campouts necessary? That’s what is used to be like for all of us back in the 90’s.

I remember when you had to call into Eastbay to order your shoes, and it was easy. There was no sitting on the computer counting down the seconds until the shoe you were after became available, you just called and ordered… that simple. Even when early release sites started to make themselves known to the community, prices were nowhere near the level they are at now. You may have had to pay $50-100 over retail to get a particular pair early, now you are nearly paying double the retail price. Supply and demand as well as inflation comes into play as usual, but it’s not the only factor… in fact, this only applies to limited releases where the quantity of the product is reduced yet, a general releases end up having the same effect nowadays.

One of my good friends states that sneaker blogs are to blame… even being a part of a site, I have to agree. In all honesty, we at Sneaker Files do not promote early release sites as a means for you to get your pair early… we do however use their images to keep you in the loop as often as possible. I cannot say the same for everyone else yet; anyway you look at it, it is promotion in some shape or form… even if unintentional.

All of us have a back story, which was a previous discussion topic; on why we are into the sneakers we crave so very often. There are those of us who see the art in the product, there are fans of the athletes which we represent by sporting their logo and then there are those of us who are into fashion and trends.

At the end of the day, is it really hype we are looking at or just the simple fact that we must now share our passion with newcomers from the younger generation who are increasingly being turned into ‘Sneaker Heads’?

What are your thoughts on hype; do blogs create it and spread hype around to the masses? Is it those who comment on each and every post labeling everything that releases as a ‘must cop’? Could it just be that more and more Sneaker Heads are surfacing because of the blogs and forums which are now available to them?

It could be anything really… but let us know what hype means to you and how or why it’s so widespread amongst our culture as of late.

Image Via Like_Clockwork/ HB Forum