DC NVRBRKN Collection Launch

This past Monday, July 18th, DC launched its NVRBRKN Collection at Dave’s Wear House, in New York. The night was also a celebration of the opening of Dave Ortiz’s new store. The opening night was a success,with an estimated 300 people having stopped by to celebrate and check out DC’s Fall and Holiday NVRBRKN Collections. If you have yet to see the collections, stop by Dave’s Wear House soon.

DC launched its NVRBRKN Collection this past week, a new head-to-toe product line with a design philosophy to boost confidence when facing opposition. Never Broken is a metaphor about overcoming adversity, mentally and physically. Skateboarders are a testament to this spirit, since they are known for their ability to adapt to obstacles on the street using an unorthodox approach. Their mentality is to get back on the board despite injuries and being overlooked. Skaters pave their own way in society with a mindset that allows them to succeed: Never underestimate your opponent, never compromise, and never quit! NVRBRKN.

Dave’s Wear House
123 Baxter Street
New York, NY 10013

DC NVRBRKN Collection Launch

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