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DaDa Supreme Spinners Are Returning

DaDa Supreme Spinners Retro

DaDa is almost a forgotten brand, but if you were into sneakers back in the early 2000s, you would remember Latrell Sprewell’s DaDa Supreme Spinners. And guess what? DaDa is set to release them once again in retro form.

At one point of time Sprewell Rims were one of the most popular things you would see rolling around. For our younger readers, once the car stopped moving the rims would continue to spin. Being signed to DaDa, the two decided to make the Supreme Spinners which did well for the brand.

This isn’t the first time that DaDa has brought back a classic. More recently they retrod the C-Dubbz which was Chris Webber’s signature shoe when he signed to the brand.

As for a release date on the Dada Spinners, one isn’t available just yet but we will let you know once retailers start selling them.

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