Custom 'September Blue / Sport Blue' Air Jordan VI RetroWith all of the retro AJ6’s that released this year some of us still felt like some great colorways were left out of the mix. Rumors floating around had people hoping for a ‘September/ Sport Blue’ Retro, yet we never had the pleasure of seeing them on shelves.

While most would stay content with the General Releases given to us, gonzo4of9 decided to take matters into his own hands. Not only did he customize his Varsity Red AJ6’s, he did a pretty darn good job with it. It’s not a perfect match to the OG, but its close enough to make you wish you had thought of it first. The Varsity Red AJ6 is still available and on sale, additionally you can use discount codes to make them even cheaper making this project pretty reasonable.

Check out more images after the jump and let us know what you think.

Via UTAForums

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  1. what sad is that alot of people are hating on this dewd b/c he colored his shoes in with "blue"..its his piece of property and he can do whatever he wants to do with them..i bet u some of yall douchebags own a bootleg cd, dvd, or a xbox360 game…or a cracked POS Iphone..the shoes looks clean bro..and keep doing "you"..dont listen to the loathsome jerk offs

  2. i like it he bought some authentic J's and did what we want JB to do notice he paid retail so he aint got to care if people think they fake

  3. Good job on the custom. Do you. If you've paid for your kicks you can do whatever you want to them. It's funny how some of these cats talk about OG's like they were there when they first released. Half of them only join the hype because that's what they do. This is coming from someone who was into Air Jordans before they had websites about them. Air Jordan since '86.

  4. those are nice….i still don't like the quality of the leather tho, that glossy finish is so annoying, but when it comes to the custom, NICE, *kcuf wat them *zaggin say, they need to pull the cuccumber out they *ssa….u should rub a little acetone on the white leather to kill the glossy effect, then respray wit Matte seal..then it's ohfishul

  5. @Mc – he sharpied all the red stitch black it looks like. ive done it before, u can jus bleed marker into stitching and itll change that color, as long as its darker than the original color. great concept, the black varsitys wuld look good wit the blue too, but youll get dawged by all the hypebeasts, not that that matters..

  6. Do we still care what someone thinks when they look @ us…I don't give a F… what the next dudes thinks bout what I'm doing. Get wit it or get punched if ya face…Lame A$$ Hating dudes!!!

  7. congrats! i did mine a couple months ago and ended up backing out at the end and scraping the paint off because it wasn't perfect. the jumpman on the tongue was too weird

  8. hm… i’m sorry for being a bit dull however i believe your site could look a bit better plus a bit more easy to the eyes if it got a little more of a brown vibe to it, however that is only me. good post anyway! :P Best regards, Resan