Crep Project Nike MAG Ketchup Test

Although many of us hope that Nike surprises us with the Nike MAG release tomorrow, other than rumors and the movie pointing to a release tomorrow is the only word we have. Nike has yet to come out and say anything while there is a new rumor they could launch in December (not confirmed). However it’s still possible that the brand just adds them to the website, but we aren’t holding our breathe.

Now if the Nike MAG does release tomorrow or anytime in the future and you’re able to score a pair, consider yourself lucky. Once you receive them and decide to lace them up (assuming you wear them) you will want to protect them from any stains. This is where Crep Protect comes into play.

Releasing a promotional video playing off the possible release of the Nike MAG, they show us how great their shoe protective product is by pouring Ketchup on a pair of Nike MAG’s after they spray the Crep solution onto it. To see the results, watch the video we have posted below.

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