It’s been a while since news about the Converse Wade has been released or even heard, now here comes some pictures of the Converse Wade 4 Sample. With people mostly focused on Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron shoe releases, Wade’s Converse releases are usually overlooked (much like his playing in the NBA). The color scheme on these are simple and straightforward, predominately white and black and red accents, and are a definite reflection of the Miami Heat colors. For any die-hard Wade fans cross your fingers in hopes that these show up on online auction sites.

Via Converseblog.





  1. TRUTH 4 U HATERZ!!! says:

    i'm usually not one for Converse but if they release this colorway i will definately cop em!!!

  2. dcgraff99 says:

    Has he even wore the Wade 4 this year? I keep seeing him playing in his first pro model…doesn't help that they're hard to look at.

  3. sneakerfittedguy says:

    He doesn't wear Wade 4 at all…HATES them I heard.

    These samples are like Lightning Creators…(except better, screw Adidas!)

  4. these have been out for months

  5. his airness says:

    wow, I knew there was a reason why D-Wade is not wearing these! I a diggin' them though…!

  6. Resident HATER says:

    this color way is tough !

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