Converse Kurt Cobain Collection

Converse honors the late great Kurt Cobain through a collection of shoes which have been inspired by his artwork and scribbles borrowed from his personal journal. Included are the Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell and One Star shoes, the shoes that were most often seen being worn by Kurt Cobain.

Pieces of his personal journal are used for the upper of the shoe including sketches and lyrics. In addition, black and white models will be offered and both will feature a worn distressed look, the way Kurt Cobain wore them. Release has been slated for May at select retailers and online. Via Slamxhype.

Converse Kurt Cobain Collection
Converse Kurt Cobain Collection
Converse Kurt Cobain Collection
Converse Kurt Cobain Collection


  1. Sad to see more people profiting from his death. Will not be getting any of these, besides tha fact that they look like a middle school kid scribbled all over some shoes……..booooo.

  2. these shoes are amazing i cant wait till they come out im going to wear them i dont care what anyone thinks or about the whole if you get these your an anti fan thats crap i have read some pretty crappy comments about these shoes and thats dissapointing because kurt was so grate and very inspiering a wonderful writer and he will always be remembered by the true fans.

  3. These are the most not punk, not grudge mainstream shoes i have ever seen and i feel that they are the exact opposite of everything that kurt stood for. Make your own tribute to kurt not what the corporations want you to wear. these are the biggest poser shoes and anyone who buys them are not remembering anything about kurt and what he represents. and you are giving money to sweat shops

  4. i completely agree with anit fashion. by buying these shoes, as "cool" as you may think they are, they don't stand for anything even slightly grunge or punk. and it completely goes against kurt cobain and everything he stood for. if kurt was here today, these shoes would never have been made because no one would have put his fucking PRIVATE journals out for the public, which means no one would have these designs. i guess its cool that converse has made some kind of tribute to kurt, but its not their tribute, its just copying him which isn't cool. if you want some awesome punk shoes, go out and buy some plain ass converses and draw on them or something. make your own tribute, don't buy into corporate scemes. if you really want these shoes go ahead and buy them, but if you want them to show how much of a fan you are, please do yourself and every other kurt cobain/nirvana fan and DO NOT buy into corporate crap! thank you.

    peace and love.

  5. (R.I.P.)regardless of what the shoes look like kurt was a great musician and deserves respect.but i love the shoes too!!!!

    its almost like…..KURT COBAIN LIVES AGAIN!

  6. They're actually selling shoes that look like crap? I'm not hating because I love Nirvana but seriously anyone can buy a regular pair of shoes and write over them and have then get dirty over time. That's how mine are! Had them since freshman year in HS, now in college. lol

  7. Geç karşıt büyük şeref derecesi kendisi tarafından onun artworğu telkin edilen ayakkabıların olduğu bir toplamanın olduğu Kurt Cobain, ve karmaşık yazılar, onun kişiselden günlüğü ödünç aldı. Kapsanan, çıkış Taylor bütün yıldız, Jack Purcell ve bir ayakkabı olan yıldızdır, kendisi tarafından çoğunlukla çoğu olan ayakkabılar, Kurt Cobain giyilmeyi gördü.

    Günlüğün, skeçler ve güfteyi kapsarken üst için ayakkabı kullanıldığı onun kişiselin parçaları. Ayrıca, modellerin teklif edilecek olduğu ve beraberce yer ver giyilen üzülen bir bakış yapacak olduğu yazı, Kurt Cobain'in, onlar giydiği yol. Tahliye, için seçkinde perakendeciler ve online yapabilen arduvaz kaplandı. Yoluyla Slamxhype.

  8. What? Why would kurt be mad if his journal entries were on a pair of shoes? His inner thoughts came out in his MUSIC which he shared with the world…so why the fuck would he mind? like…come on people. some of u guys are fuckin retarded. theyre tribute shoes. haha. FUCK!

    these shoes are fuckin great. i love them.

  9. No joke kurt would just be like who gives a fuck so all of u slap dicks hating can go fuck a monkey with aids. R.I.P. Kurt cobain

  10. I love the shoes. Im in Sydney Australia and would love to get a pair for my son who loves Nirvana, Cobain and the music. I think the design is artistic and creative and has a bit of grungy feel to it.

    As to how Kurt himself would feel about the shoes I dont profess to know. The man is long dead. I guess if he was still around Converse would have asked his opinion before releasing them but since he is not they figured perhaps fans who continue to enjoy the music and all that comes with it might also enjoy the shoes.

    I know I will. Anyone know where I can find a pair in Sydney???

  11. can you still buy them anywhere i have looked where even on ebay i am despite to find them help me!!! 🙂


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