Converse Chuck Taylor Gold High AS Zipper

Converse has recently been in the news lately with the Curt Kobain collection and have released a new Chuck Taylor High which featuring a simple solid Gold upper, contrasting stitching and the new addition of a pull out zipper at the back. This seems like a new way to reinvent their most recognized model. The new Converse Chuck Taylor High hasn’t been seen in the US yet, but has hit Hong Kong Converse retailers and sellers on eBay.

Converse Chuck Taylor Gold High AS Zipper
Converse Chuck Taylor Gold High AS Zipper


  1. if they were like jeans/denim instead i'd dig them, if them zipper actually work they're so easy to put on

    but not this looks like something gold member would wear in austin power

  2. these shoes is wack why converse why now I'm officaily not fuckin wit converse any more the gold doesnt ad any value to the shoe so in closing fuck converse and curt kobain(god rest his soul) for those wack ass shoes

  3. i don't know bout ya'll but these chucks slap!(are nice)….

    & if u feel like u don't like chucks nomore cause of this den peace cause Kurt prolly don't need ur opinion neways….

    soo get at him

    he makin more money den ya'll newayz!!!

  4. yall some fools

    these is crazyy

    yall mad cuz you cant rock them

    which i can

    some of yall busted fools dont even know what you talking about

    gold member oh please

    new york stand upp



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