If your holy grail list contains either the Nike Air Yeezy or the Nike Air Yeezy 2, now’s the time to put on your game face.

What leaves us completely mind-blown, an entire Yeezy series has just become available for sale. They’re all deadstock, feature original packaging and trinkets, and are all authentic. And as good as it sounds, there’s just one catch: the price. For the said “serious buyers only”, we hope your account has at least six figures.

You may make an offer or purchase this entire Nike Air Yeezy collection right now from jonallon80 on eBay.

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  1. Yes! you too can have every colour of the worlds most overrated sneakers. As designed by the King of douchebags who is now married to the Queen of douchebags!

  2. the total price of these is a small village in the middle east.. or somewhere close by. god damn those HYPEBEASTS

  3. someone had a inside connection this is impossible: you could win the powerball 4 times compared to pulling this off

  4. pretty sure it’s this collector in New York who’s wife is pregnant and she’s making him downsize, he’s made over $100,000 the last 6 months selling them off.

  5. This guy has been banned in sneaker groups in a country which he sell most of his sneakers to, reason being? Fakes. This guy is from Malaysia, and Singapore sneakergroups banned him for selling fakes, and wouldn’t admit that he knows those were fakes.