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Puma Release Dates and Information. Puma was created by Rudolf Dassler in 1948 after a feud with his brother. Puma’s retro line is by far the most sought after like the Clyde, Suede, Blaze of Glory is just to name a few. To stay up to date with every Puma release, make sure to frequently check back as new Puma’s are released almost daily.

Puma California Drive Thru White Red Release Date

Puma California Drive Thru in White and Red

Puma is bringing back the classic California but a new variation known as the California Drive Thru. This pair we have to showcase features...
Puma Cell Endure 98 369633-01 Release Date

Puma Cell Endure 98 in Sprite Colors

Puma is expanding on their classic Cell Endure which is known as the 98 and comes dressed in a Sprite like color combination. Looking closer...
Puma Uproar All-Star 192781-01 Release Date

Puma Uproar ‘All-Star’ Release Date

The Puma Uproar is a new hybrid model from Puma Hoops that has a 90s vibe while utilizing a futuristic feel. One of...
Puma Thunder TZ Metallic Release Date

Puma Releases the Thunder TZ Metallic

Puma continues to expand on their Thunder series by releasing two colorways known as the TZ Metallic. So far there is two colorways to showcase...
David Obadia Puma RS-1 Crack Release Date

David Obadia is Releasing New Puma Collection

David Obadia who is the creative director of Harmony Paris has teamed up with Puma’s Co.Creative project to release a few vintage inspired models. Obadia...
Puma Fit Intelligence Release Date

Puma Unveils Their Own Self-Lacing Shoe

PUMA has officially unveiled new technology, “Fit Intelligence” – the successor of AutoDisc, which launched two years ago. Fi serves as a launch for...
Puma RS-X Trophy Black Gold

Puma RS-X Trophy in Black and Gold

Puma is releasing a new RS-X Trophy which has a luxury feel to them while dressed in Black and Gold. The Puma RS line is...
Puma Scuderia Ferrari Cell Venom Release Date

Ferrari and Puma Connecting on the Cell Venom Pack

Ferrari and Puma are connecting once again to expand on their collaborations, this time on the Cell Venom that features the Scuderia look. Looking closer...
Puma Clyde Court Disrupt London Games

Puma Clyde Court Disrupt for the NBA London Game

Puma is celebrating the NBA London game with the Washington Wizards defeating the New York Knicks by releasing a special Clyde Court Disrupt. This Puma...
Puma Nova GRL PWR Release Date

Puma Unveils the Nova GRL PWR

PUMA and Lola Plaku, music industry power player and Lola Media Group CEO will release the exclusive PUMA Nova GRL PWR. This is Lola’s first...