Carmelo Anthony Giving Away Signed Jordan Melo M11 All Star

Although All Star weekend is officially over, Carmelo Anthony recently announced that he is giving away a pair of Jordan Melo M11 ‘All Star’ that are signed by him, which extends the celebration for at least a couple more days.

Although Anthony didn’t say if the pair is game worn, we are guessing that they are not as the picture shows the Melo M11 in pristine shape. There is a small difference between the released Melo M11 All Star and the PE version. The Jumpman logo on the PE is in pink while the GR comes in teal. From this single photo, we can’t tell which one it is. Either way, you can win a free pair of sneakers signed by the man.

In order to win, you must retweet the photo and follow @teamme7o. To make it easier for you, we embedded the tweet below.

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