Breakin' Out: Brandon Jennings Sports Under Armour

Brandon Jennings is a man of many firsts. The devilishly quick point guard bypassed a one-and-done college career in the Arizona desert for a more lucrative stint with Pallacanestro Virtus Roma in Italy. (A little Mediterranean sunshine never hurt anyone, did it?) Jennings also was the first hoops athlete to sign on with upstart Baltimore-based brand Under Armour who has made noise in the football and training worlds with functional, anti-aesthetic releases. The company is set to deliver hardwood kicks just in time for the 2010 season. (UA released cleats in ’07, trainers in ’08, runners in ’09 and so on…) In the meantime, you can preoccupy yourself with the latest images to surface from ‘cross the Atlantic, as BJ is tantalizing us with early weartest samples of Armour’s product. The first impressions are promising! And if you’re one of those restless cats, agog and hankering over every detail regarding Jennings and Under Armour developments, be sure to check out his interactive experience on the company’s website, “When In Rome”.

Breakin' Out: Brandon Jennings Sports Under Armour

Breakin' Out: Brandon Jennings Sports Under Armour

Breakin' Out: Brandon Jennings Sports Under Armour

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  1. my dude in the first pic is bout to get snatched but he is also wearing the six rings so does it balance out???

  2. The dude in the first pick is wearing the Olympic Six Rings with a red and black jersey thats not smart might as well wear the Space Jam colorway instead of olympic it dosen't match at all.

  3. actually jeremy ripley he did an interview with slam and those are set to come out just before he enters the draft..

  4. after seeing the stuff on him on the underarmour site. The guy sounds like a prick and will b ea bust. He just sounds greedy and not a bball player with passion. Come on all he likes is gucci like its the only thing he would wear.

  5. I heard that they'll never be sold. If you or your team isn't sponsored by UA you can't get them. Brandon's are all one of a kind. Also heard the Maryland versions are sick!

  6. Seriously doubt he would wear these in the NBA they would laugh at him first of all UA is a training brand no athlete uses it to play in a real game they either use RBK,ADIDAS,NIKE,JORDAN or some other brands.